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Mumbai Art Fair x Rooftop

On the morning of 5th May 2023 when half of Mumbai was preparing for a long weekend, Rooftop and many aspiring artists were setting up their stalls at Nehru Centre, Worli, for the Mumbai Art Fair by India Art Festival. Putting up their art and offerings for display, everyone geared for an artistic weekend filled with networking and exploring. With an enormous outline of the Indian map in the background, a laptop playing the Rooftop video and an iPad allowing people to preview the app and some brochures, the stall with the minimalistic setup was ready.

By 11:00 AM the location was all set to give all the visitors an incredible experience. With it being the day for the VIP preview, it was the best opportunity for Rooftop to explore the fantastic art displayed by everyone and for everyone to have a deeper understanding of the world of Rooftop, and we did not let any second go to waste. Without any further adieu, let us tell you about our amazing day on Day 1 of the Mumbai Art Fair.

After the inauguration ceremony, the floor was open to everyone to witness the beauty of the world of art. Our CEO Mr Kartik Gaggar started the day by going around taking in the beauty of the mesmerising art displayed and talking to various artists about everything Rooftop has to offer to the world of Indian traditional art. Surrounded by some wonderful art stalls, team Rooftop left no stone unturned to leave their mark in the minds of people. From answering questions like ‘What is Rooftop app?’ to giving people a thorough preview of the app, Sagar and Tejaswi made sure all the questions were answered and everyone that visited the stall went back with a sense of satisfaction, amazement and awe!

The day ended with the team handing out brochures, visiting different stalls, meeting new people and prepping for another adventurous day at Mumbai Art Fair.

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