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Mithila Artamaze Workshop with Riya Mishra

Mithila Artamaze Workshop

Mithila Art or popularly known as Madhubani art originating from the culture-rich state Bihar is one of the most celebrated art forms of the time. Numerous artists are accepting and practising the art form with great interest and desire as it allows them to step out of their regular pattern and create something extraordinary. 

As an artist, you get to experiment with various elements like fingers, twigs, nib-pens, matchsticks and more. So if you are wondering to get started with the art form, the Circle Community’s Mithila Artamaze Workshop with Riya Mishra is all you need. The workshop walks you through the details of the art form allowing you to acquire and implement the essentials of the art form. 

About the Artist:- 

Riya Mishra has her hands dipped in a variety of art forms for more than 7 years now. She recently also got her hands specialised in Mithila Art and has been passionately teaching & exploring the art form since 2 years. 

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The workshop began:- 

The workshop began with the host sharing a warm introduction about Riya Mishra and her celebrated expertise in the art form. She then took over the session and began with briefing the importance and origin of Mithila Art. 

After an effective introduction, she began with practising the necessary steps to acquire the end result. She ensured that all her attendees were well informed and knew about the steps implemented. She also remained open for questions and queries that struck the attendees mind and attended to them with utmost responsibility and care. 

Towards the end of the workshop:- 

Under the guidance of Riya Mishra, the attendees practised the art form with commendable enthusiasm and took back some crucial learnings. These attendees walking in the session were of different age groups passionately connected to learning new art and art forms. 

The attendees co-created the art pieces along with Riya Mishra and received constructive opinions on the same from the mentor herself. The session had hugely impacted the learners motivating them to pursue it with more care and attention. 

The Circle Community, as always, was successful in connecting artists and curating a magical and positive vibe together. 

On this note, here’s us signing off until next time!

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