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Mithila Art Workshop With Siddhidatr

Mithila Art Workshop with Siddhidatri

Mithila Art or popularly known as Madhubani art is one of the essential art forms of India that was and is being practised on a large scale by creative minds who’ve been associated with traditions and cultures or hold a willingness to explore its aspects. 

The artform proudly originates from Bihar in the Madhubani district. That’s where it gets its name from. The art form is also widely practised in several parts of Nepal. One gets a lot of variety to use and explore when practising Mithila art. The geometrical shapes and sizes included in the art make it one of the most appealing pieces. 

If you seem to hold a keen interest in exploring the aspects of Mithila Art then Rooftop Mithila Art Workshop with Siddhidatri is all you need. The workshop is finely prepared to give curious minds a pathway to begin. 

About the Artist:- 

Siddhidatri is a vibrant creative mind from Muzaffarpur, Bihar who is constantly pushing herself to learn and explore new art and art forms. She’s a great practitioner and an art enthusiast who’s been continuously working on strengthening her expertise in a number of art forms. 

The workshop began:- 

The workshop began with the host introducing the mentor, Siddhidatri and her expertise over the years. She then took over and began with briefing learners on Mithila Art and points to remember when practising it. 

Without wasting even a minute ahead she began introducing the art piece that was to be created with fine detailings and constructive steps. She remained sound and helpful throughout the session in order to allow learners to make the best out of it. Through her constructive steps and guidance learners were all up with great enthusiasm and fruitfulness. 

Towards the end of the workshop:- 

The workshop was shaped throughout in an effective manner leading to great time and sound learning. Towards the end of the workshop, Siddhidatri cleared learners with all the steps and tricks to remember. How to practise when getting their hands clear on Maithili Art. 

The learners co-created the art piece along with Siddhidatri and received constructive feedback for the same. These learners were of different age groups highly motivated and enthusiastic about learning and exploring. 

Rooftop, as always, was successful in connecting artists and curating a magical and positive vibe together. 

On this note, here’s us signing off until next time!

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