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Minimalism Photography Session With Prakash Ghai

Minimalism Photography Prakash Ghai Rajasthan Studio

If there is one lesson that Prakash Ghai’s minimalism photography delivers at home, it is that very often, ‘less’ sensory, de-cluttered experience of our immediate environment can be ‘more’ stimulating – a classic case of less is more! Prakash Ghai’s session gave participants a deep insight into the oft-ignored sensory experiences that can be picked from odd geometrical shapes, lines and figures – because we are conditioned to perceive art in round/circular/soft forms and not in unconventional, angular forms.

By stripping a photo down to its bare essentials, minimalism shows how powerful simple can be. In Ghai’s minimalism photography art form, there is no clutter to distract viewers from the main subject. In the end, some of the by-invitation attendees at the specially-curated experience felt emboldened to point out and share minimalistic aspects in the pictures that they had clicked at some point of time and made good study material for this Rooftop session.

Attendees Present at the Session

Mr. Shivaa Naresh, Mr. Arvind Jodha, Mr. Sandeep Charan, Mr. Amit Kalla, Prof Bhawani Shanker Sharma, Mr. Prakash Ghai, Mr. Raj Khatri, Mr. Raman Sharma and Ms. Nimisha Sinha (Rajasthan Studio Team)

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