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Miniature Food Workshop With Tejaswitha Singh

Miniature Food Workshop

Miniature Food Workshop: Miniature food comes under the category of miniature art, where the artist replicates food in a much smaller-than-usual size. Rooftop curated a Miniature food workshop and invited Tejaswitha Singh to enlighten the members with the art of miniature food. Tejaswitha has been practising art for about 10 years now and sells her craft on Amazon and Etsy. She is also into Kerala murals and miniature jewellery. 

The Miniature Food Workshop Began

Tejaswitha began the workshop by explaining the tools required and the properties of Air Dry clay. Tejaswitha’s menu for this workshop was Dosa, Idli and a bowl of Noodles. She began working with clay by adding white acrylic colour to it and then started kneading the clay-like dough. It was the first experience of making miniature food for all 21 participants. The artist gave a few tips like applying petroleum jelly on the fingertips to avoid imprints on clay. She also suggested always adding white acrylic colour to the translucent clay. Tejaswitha then demonstrated a mini plate and coconut chutney, followed by banana leaf. She cut the clay into the desired shape and size and used the leftovers to create small details like curry leaves, black poppy seeds and noodle strings. She used acrylic paint colours to add colour to the food items.

Towards The End Of The Workshop

The process of creating miniature food amused the attendees and they asked a few questions like how to avoid drying of the clay, filling the cracks and if they could use any other clay type. Tejaswitha patiently answered all the questions in detail.

The food prepared during the workshop looked appetizing. Few of the circle members were creating miniature food along with the artist and demanded to make different cuisines in the next workshop. Participants were mesmerized by the cleanliness with which Tejaswitha work and were happy to learn yet new interesting art.

Rooftop as always was successful in connecting artists and curating a magical and positive vibe together.

Here’s us signing off until next time!

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