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MIni Travel Campus with Marissa D’Raunjo

Mini travel canvas

The pandemic has played a spoilsport for all the wanderlust and travel lovers since its arrival. We have spent this one and a half years just by scrolling through Instagram watching the places which are yet to be ticked off our travel bucket list and visualizing ourselves walking through the beaches of Maldives or Goa, or witnessing the lush greenery of hill stations in the North and South of India.

The Circle Community hosted a Mini Travel Campus with Mural artist Marissa D’Raunjo.

About the Artist

Marissa D’Raunjo is also known as @theminitravelcanvas on her Instagram account. She is passionate about travelling and art. She started making travel miniatures in January 2021 because she missed travelling like all of us and she frequently travelled a lot before the pandemic. She then recreated her travel pictures by capturing them on a canvas with an artistic touch.

And the workshop began

Marissa had beautifully drawn the miniature of Nainital with mountains and a flowing river along with the roof of the house. She first divided the canvas into four sections.

Raunjo first painted the sky with shades of blue and gave a mix of multiple shades for the mountains including green. The flowing river, on the other hand, had a tinge of light blue shade along with white colour as it is a water body, while a cute little cottage was painted in shades of light purple and yellow.

She happily answered the participant‘s queries and showed the miniature she had created earlier.

Towards the end of the shop

Marissa beautifully painted all the elements of the sketch. Everybody showcased their artworks and there was positive energy throughout the workshop as everyone enjoyed working on their creations.

The attendees were from different parts of the country, but their love for art brought them together to this platform. The Circle Community, as always, successfully connected artists and created magical and positive experiences.

On that note’ here’s us signing off until next time!

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