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Mastering Maestro: How Rooftop Is Revolutionising The Learning Traditional Art Forms

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Traditional Art Forms: Learning Through Leisure

Are you a working professional stuck in a 9-to-5 loop? Or are you a student who is looking to expand their horizons? Learning traditional art by joining classes would be a great way to unwind and learn new skills, but you’d have to make time for it in your busy schedule.

What if you could learn traditional art at home in a completely self-paced manner? You won’t have to brave Mumbai rains, Delhi heat, or Shimla snowfall in your pursuit of art. You’ll be able to study without compromising on leisure. There’d be no need to travel back and forth, carry art materials, and juggle work and leisure time. Learning art would become a fun activity instead of another task on your calendar! With Rooftop’s Maestro courses, you can relax at home while learning traditional art from artists of national and international acclaim.

Explore Traditional Art Forms Through Online Learning

We’re busy people living in a fast-paced society. You may think that learning traditional art is difficult because not a lot of information about it is available online. And you would be right. Traditional art forms of India were often passed down within the family, and details about the art were considered trade secrets. They were closely guarded and never taught to outsiders, only family members.

Unfortunately, many people from these families gave up the practice of traditional art forms as it was tedious and commercially unviable. Now those artists that remain have begun teaching these art forms to outsiders in the hopes that they will be preserved.

Pichwai painting

Rooftop collaborates with these award-winning artists and uses digital technology to make traditional Indian art forms accessible to all. You can study local and tribal painting styles without having to travel extensively. Can you imagine anything more authentic than learning from traditional Indian artists who still practise ancient techniques? Rooftop’s Maestro courses are completely online and are perfect for anyone interested in traditional art forms. They are in-depth courses that support the livelihood of traditional, tribal, and folk artists.

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Learn Traditional Art Through Maestro Courses

Imagine this: You’re looking at art classes online when you stumble across Rooftop, an e-learning platform for traditional Indian art forms. They offer a lot of courses and workshops on their platform and teach art forms that you haven’t even heard of. Their most comprehensive courses are termed ‘Maestro’ courses. ‘Hmm’, you wonder, ‘what do they mean by that?’ 

A maestro is not merely a distinguished figure but a master and an artistic genius. Someone who has a tremendous amount of skill and creativity. No one becomes a maestro overnight. It takes years, even decades, to achieve a level of mastery over an art form. Indian art forms are hundreds of years old. Many Indian artists practise these forms for decades before they even call themselves teachers. That’s the amount of dedication and mastery it takes. That’s the kind of artist a Rooftop Maestro is. Rooftop’s Maestro artists are celebrated for their creativity, passion, exceptional skill, and artistic vision. Many have received awards such as the National Award, Padma Shri, Shilpa Guru award, etc.

The Maestros are the course instructors for all of our Maestro courses. Their expertise and artistic vision are instrumental in providing you with the most authentic and comprehensive experience. You can also opt for one-on-one sessions with the maestros to ask questions, solve doubts, or learn more about their life and art journey.

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Rooftop: Creating A Revolution In The E-Learning Sector

Flexible class timing: check. Award-winning, experienced artists: check. Detailed syllabus for learners of all ages, art materials and freebies delivered to your doorstep, personalised sessions with the instructors—check, check, and check! It all sounds too good to be true!

Online, self-paced and certified courses taught by award-winning artists who use traditional methods and techniques— that’s the magic of the Rooftop experience. Each workshop and course is the product of extensive research and is curated especially to meet the needs of our learners.

In the past, it may have been difficult to find anyone who taught these traditional art forms. But the world is evolving, and so are Indian artists. Indian traditional art forms are slowly dying out due to a lack of interest and general indifference. We learn Indian history in schools, but not Indian techniques of drawing and painting. The lack of a comprehensive art education in India makes the importance of Rooftop’s Maestro courses all the more apparent.

Join The Rooftop Community

Rooftop is changing the preconceived notions associated with Indian traditional art forms and instilling a sense of cultural inquiry in the country’s young minds. As a growing startup, Rooftop is set on building a community of like-minded artists and art lovers. Our goal is to change the way people see traditional Indian art. We want Indian art to become an accessible skill instead of an elusive secret. The more widespread traditional art forms become, the less chance they have of being lost to time.

We believe that information about Indian traditional art forms should be available to everyone so that more people can begin to appreciate them. We want Indian artists to be proud of their culture and heritage, and with the Maestro courses, we’re making the resources available to those who are interested.

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By Melissa D’Mello

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