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Mandala Workshop with Anjali Agarwal

Mandala Workshop

Mandala art acts as a great healer. It provides deep calm and compassion that drives individuals towards betterment and uniqueness. It is a diversified form of art that is created using multiple geometric shapes and sizes. One is free to create their own unique designs using their inner thoughts and creativity. 

The art form has existed and been practised for a long time now. Its vividness and unique blend of shapes and sizes are what makes it strikingly vibrant. To allow creative minds learn and adapt these details, The Circle Community has managed to successfully serve the learners with a Mandala Workshop with Anjali Agarwal. Anjali Agarwal holds commendable expertise on the same. 

About the Artist:- 

Anjali Agarwal is a well-celebrated Multimedia Artist. She has her hands perfectly clear on Mandala and Mural artforms. By now she has touched over 300+ lives of creative learners wanting to learn and explore detailed aspects of art. 

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The workshop began:- 

The workshop began with the host introducing the Mandala art master, Anjali Agarwal. She then took over and began to use her time by introducing the materials and fine picks that were necessary to use in order to make the best out of the art form. 

She further made attendees aware of different designs, shapes and sizes that were prominent in shaping the overall structure of the Mandala art. Various tips and tricks were discussed and put forth before the learners to give them the exact flow of the Mandala art so that the best can be acquired. 

Anjali made sure to keep guiding the attendees at every step and kept them precisely aware of all the necessary elements. She also was attentively available for any and every question requested by the learners. 

Towards the end of the workshop:- 

Towards the end of the workshop, Anjali Agarwal completed a successful detailed pattern of Mandala art which when followed entirely produces an appealing sight. The attendees of the workshop co-created the Mandala art too. They received an opportunity to showcase it to the master, Anjali Agarwal and received constructive feedback for the same. 

The attendees for the workshop were of different ages highly dedicated and motivated to explore the art form. The workshop by the Circle Community truly proved to be beneficial by all means and undoubtedly added undeniable value to the overall session. 

On this note, here’s us signing off until next time!

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