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Making Phad Painting Scrolls of the School Curriculum

Presented by Sapphire International School, Delhi as a part of Phad Se Padh initiative

Teacher’s Experience

The event was a fresh and fun interaction between art and music. The students were first introduced to the concept of Phad painting and the history associated with folk art. They also learnt how the drawings were done – the facial features, clothing, jewellery, etc. The students had so much fun thinking about the ideas for their Phad paintings. Each student created their own version of what’s fun in their curriculum. The teachers also contributed to the Phad scroll. The music teacher then composed the lyrics and the students and teachers practised the song together.

The event was an important experience in many ways – we had the opportunity to interact with more than a dozen schools and we discovered the educational value of folk art. The educators also gained a new perspective on interactive art forms. Overall, it was an enriching experience. 

Teacher Name: Priyadarshini Sandhu

Student’s Experience

“Art teaches us to see into things. Folk art allows us to see outward from within things.” ~ Walter Benjamin

I’m Archit Sinha of Class XI from Sapphire International School and I along with my schoolmates took part in the Phad se Padh event organised by MSMS in association with Rooftop. The objective of the event was to make the current generation aware of the traditional art forms of India. Our team depicted a normal day at our school and showed different activities taking place all over our school campus using the Phad artwork, namely, “Jhaanki Curriculum Ki.” 

Usually, Phad paintings were exhibited after sunset in rural areas and the aim of the exhibition of these paintings were to give life lessons; the thing which fascinates me the most is that the life or moral lessons were given using simple everyday examples and activities. The event was really a great experience for me as I got to know a lot about traditional art forms from my team’s presentation as well as from the other team’s presentations. Looking forward to participating in next year’s event as well!

Student Name: Archit Sinha, XI

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