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  • Study the rich Indian folk & tribal art
  • Co-create with award-winning artist
  • Get certifications

Rooftop maestro courses are crafted keeping your interests in mind. These courses are designed to give you an immersive learning experience and explore the art forms that are still untouched. These courses stand a chance for the learner not just to explore Indian art, but understand the traditions, rituals, symbology, and culture associated with it.

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Rajaram Sharma

Pichwai Maestro Course

Dive into the spiritual world of Pichwai painting with Shri Rajaram Sharma ji's expertise.
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Kalyan Joshi

Phad Maestro Course

Unearth the ancient art of Phad with National Award-winning artist Shri Kalyan Joshi ji.
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Venkat Singh Shyam

Gond Maestro Course

Discover India's tribal art with Shri Venkat Raman Singh Shyam and learn to create stunning Gond artworks.
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Bhuri Bai

Bhil Maestro Course

Explore the vibrant Bhil painting style with Padma Shri Artist Bhuri Bai's comprehensive course.
Mata ni pachedi artists
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Chitara brothers

mata ni pachedi maestro course

Traverse through the ancient Indian folk art of Mata ni Pachedi with the Chitara brothers’ in-depth course.
Fresco painting artist
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Bhawani Shanker Sharma

fresco maestro course

Join in the celebration of one of the most contemporary art styles with award winning maestro Dr. Bhawani Shanker Sharma’s Fresco painting course.
Warli painting artists
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Mhase family

warli maestro course

Delve into the rhythmic, simple patterns of Warli paintings with the Mhase family.
Cheriyal painting artists
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Dhanalakota family

cheriyal maestro course

Embark on the magic of Cheriyal paintings with the Dhanalakota family and get inspired by the bright colours, bold lines and mythological stories.