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Madhubani Painting Workshop with Ayushi Chatterjee

Madhubani Painting Workshop with Ayushi Chatterjee

Madhubani Painting is a celebrated form of traditional artwork that is broadly practised in the Maithali region of India and Nepal. It originates from the Madhubani district of Bihar in India and thus, is popularly named as Madhubani Artform. 

There are numerous stories associated with this enchanting art form. Striking colours, vividness in designs, geometric structures, blending of concepts and many more makes Madhubani Painting one of the most celebrated art forms of the time. In the olden times, Madhubani art forms were incarnated on the walls and doorsteps as a sign of a good omen. Its presence played a very crucial role on pious occasions and festivities. 

Learning and exploring details of such a vibrant art form is a great value to add to your overall art experience and The Circle Community truly understands and acknowledges it. Therefore, it has successfully been able to provide constructive exposure to Madhubani painting through a workshop with a highly prolific personality, Ayushee Chatterjee. 

About the Artist

Ayushi Chatterjee is hands down one true inspiration raging high with experience and expertise in different areas of the art form. She excels in Sketching, Painting, Crafting and is a big-time Indian folk art explorer. 

The Workshop Began

The workshop began with the host introducing Ayushi Chatterjee and her accomplishments. It was later followed by a short detailed view of Madhubani art. It’s associated with aspects of the master Ayushi Chatterjee, herself. The workshop paced up with its real motive. Where the mentor has seen briefing about vital elements to adhere to when practising the art form. 

The session followed an extremely engaging pathway leading to learning and exploring in a fun way. 

Towards the end of the workshop

The workshop truly proved to be fruitful. It allowed our learners to add new and rectified knowledge regarding the art form. The participants walked in from different aspects of life varying in age and gender but connected through motive. 

In the end, the learners were requested to share their practised form of drawing as instructed by the mentor. The mentor personally reviews each of the artwork and complemented each with constructive feedback. 

This was hands down another successful session that The Circle Community made possible. Truly productive and informative. 

On this note, here’s us signing off until next time!

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