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Looking For Diet And Fitness Specific Answers? Shivam Shah From Our Ahmedabad Circle Has Got Your Back

Fitness and diet workshop with Shivam Shah

How often have you worked out during lockdown? How often have you had midnight munching cravings? How often have you had irregular sleep patterns? If any of this has troubled you, then don’t fret because Shivam Shah has got you covered. 

After our story weaving session, we wanted some exercise for our brain and body. Hence, we decided to have our next session be led by Shivam Shah, a trained nutritionist and trainer. He had an answer to all the questions of the attendees. He made certain that he enumerated all his responses with a reason.

One thing that Shivam pointed out about Google research is that it shows you what you want to see. The search engine will elucidate the benefits of drinking milk but it will also show you all the reasons why you shouldn’t drink milk. If you don’t believe him, you should check the symptoms of cold & cough on google which are bizarre!  Therefore, a one-on-one conversation with a trained person helps. 

The session began with doubt about whether one should develop a habit of working out or not. Shivam answered that ‘working out is a lifestyle. He added personal experience to the story. He talked about his dad practicing low-intensity workouts and undoubtedly, it paid off. Exercising, especially between 20-35 years of age will lower the risks of old age symptoms. Every day, you must challenge yourself to do a better workout than yesterday. 

At 14:30, someone asked about the kind of diet one must take. Shivam clears the air of similar diet patterns. He clarifies that all bodies are wired differently and uniquely. One cannot follow a diet blindly without a sample body test. It values the macros and micros in the body. He took the case of actors and actresses. They work out, stick to their diets and do not follow a diet for a prolonged period. Yes, a change in diet is a must. 

Then, at 29:45, he clarifies why protein shakes are doubted. Just like green tea, protein shake has its boons and banes. One will have to decide the reason for drinking it. 

Someone at 9:38 asked if gymming makes the body stiff. Beginning from 10:30, he cleared that muscularity is inversely proportional to flexibility and fitness is not the same as muscularity. Fitness is different to different people: it can be either muscularity, flexibility, or healthy-looking skin. 

Other questions that topped our list were: at 34:50, someone asked how to kill irregular hunger pangs. Then at 36:55, another question was if midnight munching was unhealthy. 40:40 followed what food must one take to reduce stress and at 43:23 if meditation reduced stress. By 49:35, one asked if one should go for a fancy or local diet. 

With his knowledge of health and its surrounding values, the secret of French to a sound sleep (tap 42:30 to check!), and urban life disorders, we ended the trivia session successfully. We wish to see Shivam in our future sessions as well.

This is Rooftop Rajasthan Studio for you. Until next time.

Stay creative. Always.

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