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Line Art Workshop With Kamalrukh Gotla

Line Art Workshop With Kamalrukh Gotla

Line Art Workshop: Line art or line drawing is any illustration consisting of distinct straight or curved lines positioned against a backdrop, without shading or gradations to depict two or three-dimensional objects. Line art may use multiple colour lines although it is typically monochromatic. Rooftop curated a Line Art Workshop with Kamalrukh Gotla to teach this simple yet beautiful artform.

Kamalrukh Gotla is a Chartered Accountant by qualification but an artist by passion. She has done a couple of exhibitions and loves to experiment and understand various styles and combinations of art.

The Line Art Workshop Began

At the beginning of the workshop, Kamalrukh showed some of her beautiful line art work to the participants. She started with a very basic outline of a flower. Eventually, she taught the technique of drawing abstract lines and filling up the outline. The participants listened to her instructions attentively and focused on their work. The lines can be drawn in any way to fill the outline and there is no specific way to draw them. Within no time, she made a beautiful flowers by just using the line art technique.

Towards The End Of The Workshop

All the participants actively participated and followed Kamalrukh step by step. At the end of the workshop, everyone flaunted their line artwork on their screens. Kamalrukh appreciated each of their work. She also gave several tips and suggestions. This workshop was a productive session for all the participants wherein they learnt a new form of art. It was commendable how fast the participants learnt this artform.

Learning, imparting, connecting and staying creative is our moto at Rooftop and that’s the reason why we keep organizing various art workshops everyday.

Stay creative, stay calm. Here’s us signing off, until we see you again!

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