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Learning the History of the Indigo Rebellion with Phad Painting

Presented by Mamta Modern Sr. Sec. Vikas Puri School, New Delhi as a part of Phad Se Padh initiative

Teacher’s Experience

The revised National Educational Policy 2020 envisioned the learning experience as enriching, exploratory, and purposeful. The Phad project on the Indigo Rebellion was an initiative in this regard. The project began with the selection of students and teachers who were adept at different skills such as art, painting and languages. A concept as broad and varied as the Indigo rebellion which would have otherwise taken a long time to learn and understand was now made easy and understandable through the colourful scheme, creative art form called Phad. 

The biggest takeaway was the opportunity it gave everyone involved to delve deeper into the concept– the historical importance, researching in detail about certain unknown facts, integrating art into the subject while honing skills of creativity, and collaboration that made the whole project meaningful and memorable.

Teacher Name: Rita Bishnoi

Student’s Experience

We collected data from various sources and took help from our teachers. We tried to include every single detail while working on this project. We delved into the history and origin of Phad Art. To better understand the topic, we presented our paintings, self-composed song, and dance. The whole team was really glad to be part of this wonderful initiative. It was a fascinating way of learning something new.  

Student Name: Gursimar Kaur (XI)

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