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Learning About Chipko Movement with Phad Painting (Part-2)

Presented by Maheshwari Public School, Pratap Nagar, Jaipur as a part of Phad Se Padh initiative

Teacher’s Experience

Phad se Padh is a creative effort and innovative pedagogy aimed at implementing the NEP 2020 concept in the teaching-learning process.

Students gain education from art and music about important topics that are not only appealing and intriguing but also simple to understand.

The preservation of unbounded riches is a major tenet of the Chipko Movement and that was our topic for the project. This story serves as a reminder of the ability of individuals and groups at the grassroots and community levels to affect positive change by making wiser personal decisions and avoiding behaviours that harm our nature. Our participation in the necessary and ongoing improvements in schooling was satiating and joyous.

Teacher Name: Ruchi Sachdeva

Student’s Experience

For the students, “Phad se Padh” has been a fantastic educational opportunity. Under the competent supervision of their teachers, the students completed the many activities required for the project, developing their time management and organisational skills. The project evolved into a venue for pupils’ intrinsic skills to be displayed. We gladly offered our time and actively participated because we were given the chance to do what we enjoy the most.

We were able to interact with nature and experience the suffering of the women who gave their lives to conserve trees in addition to learning a variety of skills.

We loved being a part of the project and were amazed to find that the teaching-learning process can be so fun and have a lasting impact on us. 

Student Name: Urvi Veerman 

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