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Learn Pichwai Painting With Rooftop’s Pichwai Maestro Course

In the past, you may have stumbled upon colourful Pichwai motifs of cows below a tree, similar to the ones in the below picture. This famous style of painting is a traditional motif of the spiritual art form of Pichwai painting. The art style is delicate, desi, and decidedly spiritual. Pichwai art was traditionally passed down through the Guru-Shishya Parampara in the Nathdwara temple in Rajasthan. However, there are other ways to learn Pichwai painting today.

Cows are a recurring motif in Pichwai paintings

Pichwai paintings were traditionally used as a backdrop for Lord Shrinathji’s idol in the Nathdwara temple. To learn how to make Pichwai paintings, you would have to work as an apprentice under a practising Pichwai artist. If you’re a student, a working professional, or simply have no time for a full-time apprenticeship under an accomplished artist, worry not! There are other ways you can learn Pichwai painting that will be convenient and fit into your busy schedule. Rooftop offers workshops as well as comprehensive courses called ‘Maestro courses’, so you can learn Pichwai painting anytime and anywhere.

How Will You Learn Pichwai Painting Through The Maestro Course?

The best way to learn Pichwai art is not through academic study in educational institutions but under the expert skill and guidance of a master artist. You won’t be able to learn Pichwai painting merely through technical courses. This spiritual art form requires dedication, devotion, and a guru who understands the religious and cultural significance of Pichwai painting through and through.

Rooftop, India’s leading e-learning art platform, brings you an in-depth and detailed course on the spiritual techniques and ancient traditions of Pichwai painting. This course is completely online and self-paced, so there’s no need to rush through all 9 hours of course content! The Pichwai Maestro Course is taught by master artist Shri Rajaram Sharma and is available in Hindi as well as English.

Meet The Maestro Course Instructor: Shri Rajaram Sharma

Shri Rajaram Sharma trained for 13 years under the master artist and head of the Shrinathji temple, Sri Tulsidas Chitrakar. He learned ancient techniques and traditions associated with Pichwai painting during his studies. He understood the spiritual and philosophical aspects of Pichwai art and excelled not just at Pichwai painting but also in the art of Miniature painting. He then became the apprentice of the leading Pichwai artist, B.G. Sharma. He has since received numerous honours and awards, including the National Merit Certificate in 2016 and the All India Award for Traditional Art in 2010.

Rajaram Sharma has exhibited his artwork internationally in prestigious art galleries, including the Victoria Monroe Fine Art Gallery, The Drawing Room in New York, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the National Gallery of Victoria, Australia, and the Davis Museum at Wellesley College. He owns the ‘Chitrashala’ studio in Udaipur, where he now mentors other artists. His skills and expertise make him a qualified and beloved instructor of Pichwai painting.

What Will You Learn In The Pichwai Maestro Course?

The course will begin with a short introduction of the art form and how it originated as a backdrop for Lord Shrinathji’s idols. Then you’ll be introduced to Shri Rajaram Sharma, the instructor for Rooftop’s Pichwai course. Shri Rajaram Sharma is a National Award winner and has been practising Pichwai art for over 40 years. That’s a lot of time and experience!

Rajaram Ji will narrate the story behind the Pichwais and their connection with the Nathdwara temple. He will teach you how to prepare natural paints from organic pigments. You will then learn Pichwai painting techniques using natural colours. He will also talk about the traditional brushes and tools used in Pichwai painting.

Learn Pichwai Painting Techniques In The Basic Course

A Lotus Pichwai painting (image source:
(image is for representative purposes only)

Now’s when you’ll actually start creating your own Pichwai paintings. In the basic course, you’ll learn how to paint the exquisite lotus flower in bloom. Lotus flowers symbolise purity and divinity and are a popular motif of Pichwai painting. Shri Rajaram Sharma will explain composition and proportions and guide you as you create the basic sketch. Watch how adding minute patterns and details brings your artwork to life! Your blooming lotus motif will look three-dimensional and alluring using the shading techiques.

Learn Pichwai Painting Motifs In The Intermediate Course

Drawing the cow and kadam tree motifs

You’ll learn how to draw the cow and kadam tree motifs in the intermediate course. Rajaram Ji will once again guide you through the sketching process. Everything you learn in the previous stages will teach you how to make Pichwai paintings with more elaborate motifs. Next, Rajaram Ji will demonstrate how to fill in the colours in your Pichwai paintings. This is an important step, so rewind and rewatch as many times as you need! 

Next, we move into detailing. Decorate your cow and kadam tree with intricate and delicate details. This is how Pichwai paintings get their stylized appearance. Rajaram Ji will demonstrate the various techniques of fine detailing and explain the cultural significance of certain motifs and patterns.

Learn Pichwai Painting Through Complex Compositions In The Advance Course

The Pichwai composition for the advanced course is much more intricate than previous ones. It also includes a lot of popular motifs. You will begin this piece by using lines and dots to map out the composition and measure proportions. Rajaram Ji will demonstrate and guide you through the sketching process. After you have finished your sketch, you’ll begin to learn the Pichwai painting process.

Detailing the face of Lord Shrinathji

You will learn how to make Pichwai paintings with a smooth base by adding multiple layers of paint. Rajaram Ji will demonstrate how it’s done. Next, he’ll teach you how to make your artwork look more defined by adding thick and dark outlines after the base colours. Have you ever wondered how Pichwais look delicate yet elegant at the same time? Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore since Rajaram Ji will teach you the Pichwai techniques of adding light and shadow. Learn these Pichwai painting techniques and bring life and dimension to your artwork.

Rajaram Ji will teach you to add shadows to the face of Lord Shrinathji. This step will bring the image of the deity to life. If you have difficulties with this step, simply take a break and step away. Rewind and replay until you feel like you understand, and start again when you feel refreshed. Now let’s move on to the final step: adding ornamental details to your Pichwai painting. Lord Shrinathji’s pupils are painted at the very end as a symbolic invocation of His spiritual presence.

Bonus Content: Your Reward For Making It Through The Course

Did you know that Rooftop’s Pichwai Maestro course contains 9 hours of content? That’s how intensive it is! Once you make it through the basic, intermediate, and advance courses, Rooftop gives you a reward: a bonus course packed with exciting content. So, let’s get into it, shall we?

A pichwai painting by Rajaram Sharma (image source:
(image is for representative purposes only)

You’ll start out the bonus course by learning about how to make the proper measurements for your Pichwai paintings. You’ll understand the importance of having a finished sketch before you start painting and how to properly measure your canvas. Next, you’ll learn Pichwai painting techniques and tips to create proper guidelines and strong sketches. Keep these tips in mind while you work on a new Pichwai design for your paintings for the bonus course.

Shri Rajaram Sharma Ji will then instruct you on how to add intricate details and indicate texture and depth through colouring and shading techniques. Then, he’ll talk about something unexpected: how to make edits to your Pichwai sketch in order to refine the design. Although you may be happy with the first draft of your sketch, it may not be polished enough. Rajaram Ji will also inform you about the tools and techniques you can use to adjust your sketch.

Learn Pichwai Painting Through Extra Content In The Bonus Course

The bonus content of the Pichwai Maestro course is the gift that keeps on giving! In the fifth part of the bonus course, you’ll learn about the tools you can use to create precise, bold, and beautiful outlines. Rajaram Ji will also explain the importance of outlining as well as its different styles. Next, he’ll teach you how to add finishing touches through shading and rendering techniques. 

Testimonials from Rooftop learners

Are you excited to learn Pichwai painting with Rooftop’s Pichwai Maestro course? There’s so much more content in the bonus course that we can’t wait for you to explore it all! You’ll learn more about base colours and how to capture the divinity of Lord Shrinathji using your artistic skills. You’ll also learn to draw borders and add details, details, and more details! So if you want to learn Pichwai painting from Maestro Rajaram Sharma, download the Rooftop App from Google Play or the App Store and enrol in the Pichwai Maestro course now.

Additional Goodies And Certification

All Rooftop Maestro courses allow you to submit your artwork to the artist and get personalised feedback. You earn a certificate at the end of the course, so you have a memento of your experience and proof of your growing artistic prowess. If the course content wasn’t enough for you, don’t worry; there’s more. Rooftop includes an Art Kit with your course enrollment, which is delivered straight to your doorstep.

This is a sample certificate, but enrol in our course, and you’ll get to see your name on it soon!

Each Pichwai Art Kit contains colourful stickers that you can use to flaunt your love of traditional Indian art. Also included are bookmarks and postcards that you can colour as a fun art activity. You can carry all these goodies in the gorgeous tote bag we included in the kit. But the best part of the Art Kit is the Pichwai art activity book. This activity book is packed with exercises, activities, trivia, games, and information on all things Pichwai. You can use the activity book to practise what you’ve already learned in the course or to get in those hours of daily art practise.

A page from the Pichwai art activity book

Use the Rooftop Maestro Course content and Art Kit to personalise your journey to learn Pichwai painting. If you’re still unsure or want to know more, give us a call at +919820560980 or email us at Also follow us on Instagram @rooftop_app to make sure you never miss an update. Stay informed about upcoming art events and workshops through the Rooftop App!

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