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How To Learn Phad Painting Techniques On The Rooftop App

Who doesn’t love a good story? Indian culture is overflowing with tales, myths, and legends of yore. At first, we shared stories verbally, and over the years, we began writing them down and illustrating them. Many ancient Indian art forms, such as Phad painting, were born as a means of storytelling. Phad painting is a technique of scroll painting that emphasises the Indian love of telling stories. You can use it as a medium to express both traditional and contemporary themes. Let’s look at how you can learn Phad painting from Rooftop’s Phad Maestro Course and become an accomplished traditional artist.

About The Instructor: Learn Phad Painting From Master Artist Kalyan Joshi

Kalyan Joshi is the instructor of the Rooftop Phad Maestro Course. He began painting when he was 8 years old and has been painting for 47 years. His art moves beyond conventional Phad themes and into the contemporary. This National Award-winning artist conducts workshops in schools throughout the country to keep Phad painting alive. His years of expertise and artistic prowess make him a capable Phad artist and instructor.

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An Introduction To Rooftop’s Phad Maestro Course

The course begins with you, the learner, being introduced to master artist Kalyan Joshi. He has been practising Phad painting for 45+ years. His extensive knowledge is an invaluable asset to your learning journey. Artistic skills are important, but understanding the crux of the art form is also important. In the beginning of the course, he’ll first introduce you to the history, traditions, and origin of Phad painting, then explain the practical applications of Phad painting and its implications for modern learning.

organic colours
Only natural colours are used in traditional Phad paintings (image source:

Now, before starting the artwork, it is important to collect the materials required for it. The process of making Phad paintings is very interesting. In the course, Kalyan Ji explains in detail the process of preparing a canvas for Phad painting and outlines the specific steps in the process. He’ll also delve into the natural colours used in Phad painting, what they are made of, and how to prepare them.

The course is further divided into three levels, from basic to advance to make your learning journey easy. Check out what’s more in the course structure in detail on the Rooftop app.

The Basic Course: Learn Phad Painting Through Simple Compositions

Simple Phad painting motifs (image is for representative purposes only)

With all the prerequisites out of the way, you’ve finally reached your practical introduction to Phad painting. You’ll start your journey to learn Phad painting by practising simple border designs and exploring colour combinations. This warm-up exercise will have you pumped for what’s coming! Kalyan Ji will navigate you through the elements, motifs, and human figures in Phad painting.

Are you ready? Are you excited? You should be, because next you’ll be learning about the major motifs of traditional Phad painting! Motifs are an important part of any art form, and learning about them will provide you with an incredible insight into their meanings. Since this is the basic course, we’ll start with an easy beginner Phad painting. The sketch for this composition will not have any intricate detailing—just a human figure accompanied by supporting motifs.

Learn Phad Painting
Sketching the human motif in a Phad painting

You will then learn simple Phad painting techniques. Kalyan Ji will guide you as you colour your artwork. Infuse your sketch with life and energy as you use primary colours to create eye-catching colour combinations. Finally, you’ll learn the techniques of drawing neat borders in contrasting colours in order to make your artwork stand out.

The Intermediate Course: Learn Phad Painting Through Intricate Detailing

Learn Phad Painting
Adding details to a Phad painting

Once you get through the basic course, we’ll take it up a notch in the intermediate course section. The intermediate section goes through the same process as the basics section, except the difficulty level is ramped up. Of course, your practise in the basics course will help you get through it. 

Kalyan Ji will explain how to use brushes and colours in different areas of your painting. He’ll also teach you to add more intricate details. Some additional border designs and detailing tips, and you’re done with the intermediate section and 75% of the course content. Learning folk art consistently can be hard, but the Phad painting course makes it so learner-friendly!

The Advanced Course: Learn Phad Painting Through Complex Compositions

Once you get through the intermediate course, you’ll know significantly more about Phad painting than you did at the beginning, but there’s still a lot left to be explored! The composition you’ll be painting in the advanced course contains musical instruments, human figures, animal motifs, ornamentation, and many more elements. By the end of this section, you’ll have painted an intricate and mesmerising piece of art.

Learn Phad Painting
A complex composition depicting ‘Pabuji ka Vivaah’ (image is for representative purposes only)

Kalyan Ji will share some amazing colouring techniques with you. If you want to learn Phad painting, you need to know more than just filling in flat colours. Kalyan Ji will demonstrate how to plan your colour placements to create a harmonious balance in your artwork. Next, all you have to do is outline your artwork and add the finishing touches.

Why Choose Rooftop App’s Phad Maestro Course?

There are so many reasons for you to take our course, but the most important one is that you get to learn the very basic motifs and then move on to the more difficult ones without feeling the pressure of doing everything right at once. The pre-recorded sessions allow you to rewind, watch, and practise as many times as you want to!

Testimonials from Rooftop’s learners

The master artist Kalyan Joshi makes an eloquent instructor who will be able to impart invaluable knowledge of traditional techniques. The Rooftop Maestro courses are completely online and self-paced. You can learn the traditional techniques of Phad painting anytime, anywhere. What’s more, you also earn a certificate, which you can proudly display as a memento of your exciting art journey.

Through the Phad Maestro course, you can submit your artwork for evaluation and get direct and personalised feedback from Kalyan Ji. You’ll have the opportunity to opt for one-on-one sessions with the master artist as well. The course is available in Hindi and English, so it can be accessible to all.

The Art Kit: Learn Phad Painting Through Fun And Practice

Learn Phad Painting
A page spread from the Phad art activity book

Enrolling in Rooftop’s online course on Phad painting doesn’t give you access to just the course content. You also get an exclusive art kit with it. This premium, one-of-a-kind art kit contains goodies galore and is sure to make your Phad painting process more memorable and enjoyable. Along with bookmarks and postcards that you can colour yourself, the kit includes a tote bag, colourful artsy stickers, a canvas, and an art activity book.

The Phad activity book is full of exercises that you can use for daily practise or warmups. It contains information about common and rare motifs, as well as games and trivia. You can use the Art Kit to quickly learn Phad painting by painting the bookmarks and postcards with the techniques you’ve learned. Jog your memory with the activity book and learn about Phad motifs in detail.

Storytelling Through Phad Scroll Paintings

‘Story of Papuji’, painting by Kalyan Joshi (image source:

Traditional styles of Phad painting can be used to convey contemporary themes. This timeless art form was also used as an educational tool through Rooftop’s project Phad Se Padh. Master artists such as Kalyan Joshi are redefining the art form and innovating the propagation of new ideas through traditional practices. The Phad Maestro course gives you a practical and in-depth learning experience. Every artist today has a story to tell, and you can tell yours through this spiritual and culturally significant art form.

Download the Rooftop App from Google Play  or the App Store and enrol in the Phad Art Maestro course today! If you need more details about the course, connect with us today! Enrol in rooftop app workshops to learn more motifs and be a part of a community of people who are as eager to learn Indian art as you.

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