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Chitara family

Discover Rooftop’s Online Course On Mata ni Pachedi Art

Are you familiar with the ancient textile art forms of India? Some of these art forms originated from spiritual practices, born through the devotion and ingenuity of the common people. Mata ni Pachedi, created by the Vaghari community in Gujarat, is one such art form. This art may be 400 years old, but it hasn’t died out yet. Through Rooftop App’s Maestro Courses, you can learn Mata ni Pachedi directly from artists who still practise it.

You may believe that there’s no way to learn Mata ni Pachedi authentically if you don’t live in Gujarat and become apprentices of master artists. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Rooftop’s online Maestro courses are designed for artists who want to learn traditional Indian art forms but don’t know where to start. Read on to discover how you can learn Mata ni Pachedi anytime, anywhere, and from experienced master artists.

The Making Of A Maestro: Introducing The Course Instructors

Learn Mata ni Pachedi from the Chitara family

Rooftop’s Mata ni Pachedi Maestro course has not one, not two, but three experienced master artists. The Chitara brothers continue to carry on the legacy of their father, Bhulabhai Chunilal Chitara. Bhulabhai was the first artist to win the National Award for Mata ni Pachedi, and his efforts to revive the art form contributed immensely to its popularity today. He taught his sons the art form, and today they are all highly respected, award-winning artists.

The Chitara brothers still use traditional techniques and natural colours to create their intricately detailed Mata ni Pachedi masterpieces. They also experiment with contemporary themes and include current themes and social issues in their artwork. However, themes vary from painting to painting, and religious themes, especially those of the Mother Goddess, continue to reign supreme.

Introduction To The Mata ni Pachedi Maestro Course

The course starts by introducing your instructor, Shri Chandrakant Bhulabhai Chitara. His nephew Kirit Chitara then explains the quintessential structure of Mata ni Pachedi paintings. Next, Kiran Chitara will explain the traditional process of creating Mata ni Pachedi. After learning about these methods, it’s time to look at various Mata ni Pachedi motifs.

The first motif you’ll learn about is the toran, or border. The instructor will explain the meaning of the motif and then teach you the methods of drawing it. The second motif you’ll create is the sun. The third motif the artist will explain is the figures surrounding the goddess in a Mata ni Pachedi painting.

Learn Mata Ni Pachedi Through The Basic And Intermediate Course

To begin the basic course, Chandrakant Ji will demonstrate how to sketch a deer in the Mata ni Pachedi art style. Then he’ll guide you as you finish outlining the sketch with a black pen. Then, you’ll learn about the colours to be used while painting Mata ni Pachedi paintings and how to create those colours. You’ll also learn how to fill in the colours.

You will begin the intermediate course by sketching an image of Lord Ganapati accompanied by his consorts Riddhi and Siddhi. This composition is not very intricate, but the use of decorative motifs makes it look very appealing. After you’re satisfied with your sketch, finalise it by using a black pen to create outlines. Then begin filling in the colours in your Mata ni Pachedi painting. Adding the colours after finalising the outlines is a distinctive feature of Mata ni Pachedi art.

The Advance Course To Learn Mata Ni Pachedi

Learn Mata ni Pachedi from the Chitara family

In the advanced course, you’ll learn Mata ni Pachedi techniques to create intricate and detailed patterns and motifs. The artist will help you understand the meaning of the Bahuchar Mata motif as well as the technique you need to use to sketch it.

Learn Mata ni Pachedi from the Chitara family

After finishing your sketch, you’ll use a black pen to create bold outlines and make your drawing stand out. The instructor will now teach you how to choose the right colours and colour combinations for your Mata ni Pachedi artwork. You will learn Mata ni Pachedi painting techniques and fill in the colours in your sketch.

If you thought that was all, you’re in for a surprise! The Mata ni Pachedi Maestro course has three course levels plus an extra bonus one. Consider it a reward for finishing the rest of the course. You will tackle a complex composition in the Bonus Course section and learn to illustrate Bahuchar Mata and her vaahan, a rooster. After sketching, outlining, and colouring your sketch, you will be left with a gorgeous work of art that you can proudly display at home or share with your friends and followers online.

Certification And The Art Kit

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Along with access to recorded art tutorials, you also get an Art Kit with your Maestro Course, which is delivered to your doorstep free of charge. The kit includes a tote bag, colourful stickers, bookmarks, postcards, and an activity book. The Mata ni Pachedi art activity book is filled with exciting exercises, information, games, and trivia. You can use these exercises to fuel your daily art practice. Practise what you learn in the course by completing the activities in the art book.

You can use the painting techniques you learn in the course to colour in the bookmarks and postcards. Stick the stickers on your bag, laptop, or water bottle, and flaunt your love for Mata ni Pachedi everywhere you go! Additionally, all Rooftop Maestro courses come with a certification, so use it as additional motivation to learn Mata ni Pachedi. Here’s an example of what the certificate looks like:

Learn Mata ni Pachedi and win a certificate!

Enrol in Rooftop’s Maestro course to learn Mata ni Pachedi through a holistic, fun-filled, and extremely educational art learning experience. Are you unsure and want to know more? Give us a call at +919820560980 or email us at Follow us on Instagram @rooftop_app to never miss an update. The Rooftop App will keep you informed on upcoming art events and workshops!

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