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Learn How to Make Warli Art Through Rooftop’s Warli Maestro Course

How to Make Warli Art through Traditional Techniques

Warli art is one of India’s most famous tribal art forms. This art form may be minimalistic, yet it also contains several intricate designs and motifs. But how does one move away from the commercialised portrayal of Warli art and into the rich traditional and cultural methods of Warli painting? Worry not; you can learn Warli art step-by-step in the traditional way by enrolling in Rooftop’s Warli Maestro Course.

Learn How to Make Warli Art from the Artists of the Mhase Family

how to make warli art

The Late Padma Shri Jivya Soma Mhase was responsible for the revival of Warli art in India. His efforts single-handedly saved this art form from becoming obsolete. His son, Sadashiv Mhase, is an artist who has elevated the art form to new heights. He learned the art from his father and used traditional Warli painting techniques to innovate on contemporary themes.

The Mhase family continues to make efforts to conserve and protect this tribal art form. Along with Sadashiv Ji, his sons Pravin and Vijay are also accomplished artists—all three feature on Rooftop’s Warli Maestro Course.

An Introduction to the Art Form

how to make warli art

Warli art originated in the Warli tribal community of Maharashtra. Traditionally, it has a very limited colour palette. However, contemporary artists have access to a lot of different colours, and hence the Warli art form has experienced several changes. This beautiful medium of storytelling is more than a hundred years old.

In the Maestro Course, Sadashiv Mhase, Praveen Mhase, and Vijay Sadashiv Mhase will introduce themselves as well as the Warli art form. You’ll learn about painting traditions and compositions, the materials used, and how it is different from other traditional art forms.

Sadashiv Ji will explain the significance of the art form to the tribal community and talk about its meanings, associations, and methods of storytelling. Vijay Mhase will explain the growing popularity of Warli art, both in India and abroad. Nowadays, Warli art is often commercialised and loses its spiritual meaning in the process.

Learn Warli Painting and Explore its History and Simple Motifs

Before you begin tackling the difficult compositions of Warli art, try your hands at making the motifs individually. Some basic Warli motifs include animals, human figures doing different actions, and trees. We cover the step-by-step learning process in the Maestro course. You’ll learn how to make Warli art motifs such as animals, plants, the sun and moon motif. Sadashiv Ji will also teach you the various border designs, popular themes and motifs, and the traditional and cultural meanings associated with each.

how to make warli art

Along with basic motifs, you’ll also learn about the materials used in Warli paintings as well as how to make the necessary painting tools. You’ll learn to prepare the white colour paint by grinding, sieving, and adding water to the right materials.

Sadashiv Ji will explain the history of the art form, how it got its name, and the part his father played in its revival. You will also learn about the challenges faced by Warli artists. Through this course, you’ll also learn how to draw human figures performing different actions such as standing, walking, running, playing an instrument, dancing, etc.

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How to Make Warli Art through the Basic and Intermediate Course

how to make warli art

Then we move on to the basic designs of Warli art. You will learn to draw a simple Warli scene in the basic course. The artist will explain the theme and how to draw the primary figures in the compositions. You’ll paint a different and slightly more complicated theme in the intermediate course. Warli art may seem deceptively simple, but it also has a certain set of stylistic guidelines. Learning slowly will help you catch onto the style and give your art the signature Warli flair.

In the Maestro Course, Sadashiv Ji will teach you to compose your artwork and ensure that objects are drawn in the correct place and proportion.You’ll learn how to add details to your pieces, draw trees and multiple human figures, etc. The artist will show you how to add smaller supporting motifs to a painting, fill in the gaps, and add finishing touches. The difference between a finished piece and an incomplete one can be tremendous. Most of the time, beginners focus on the main motif and do not add finishing touches to balance the composition. So it is important to pay attention to the little details as they are what transform a simple drawing into a masterpiece.

How to Make Warli Art through the Advance Course

You’ll learn how to make Warli art through an advanced composition. The artist will first explain the borders of this composition. He’ll then add layers of Geru to the canvas. You will follow along by adding the central motifs of the painting and surrounding them with smaller objects. After completing the main scene, you’ll add details to the right and left sides of the canvas. After you finish adding the finishing touches, you’ll have completed a beautiful Warli artwork that you can now show off to friends and family.

How to Make Warli Art through the Bonus Course Content

A special surprise awaits you! Rooftop’s Maestro course has a basic, intermediate, advance, and special bonus course as well. In the Bonus course, you’ll learn how to make Warli designs on terracotta planters, gulaks (piggy banks), handis, plates, and kulhads. The artists will go through a different design for each of these materials and show you the detailed process and what to keep in mind. Finally, you’ll learn about the role that traditions and community have in how themes and surroundings are depicted in Warli painting.

Certification and an Exclusive Art Kit

Along with a certificate you’ll receive upon course completion, the Warli Maestro course includes an exclusive, one-of-a-kind art kit. This kit includes colourful stickers, a custom-designed tote bag, and an art activity book filled with activities, exercises, and information about Warli themes and motifs. This book also includes trivia and fun games, so you can learn while having fun! Also included in the kit are bookmarks and postcards that you can paint with warli patterns and designs.

Learn how to Make Warli Art With Rooftop

how to make warli art

So why choose Rooftop? Firstly, our Maestro courses are completely online, so you can learn anywhere and anytime. You can learn Maharashtra’s beloved tribal art form from anywhere in the world, in the comfort of your home. You will not only learn from award-winning artists but also be able to submit artwork to them and receive personalised feedback. Not to mention that the course is completely self-paced, so there’s no need to rush through the course material.

You can continue to hone your Warli art skills by participating in workshops on the Rooftop app. You can also interact with an active art community and learn traditional art with like-minded people. Enrol in Rooftop’s Maestro course to learn how to make Warli art through an immersive, educational, and enjoyable art education.

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