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Learn Bhil Art Online Through Rooftop’s Maestro Course

How To Make Bhil Art Through Rooftop’s Maestro Course

Tribal communities in India are expressive and unrestrained in their artistic vision. Bhil painting is an example of tribal art that displays the relationship between nature and tribal communities. Dots, dashes, bright colours, and vivid patterns dominate tribal Bhil art. Do you want to learn Bhil art online but don’t want to compromise on using traditional techniques? You’re in luck! The Rooftop App offers an extensive online course on Bhil painting that stays true to traditional techniques and doesn’t compromise on the authenticity of the art form.

Rooftop’s Bhil Maestro Course is an online course with more than 7 hours of insightful and in-depth content. It is available in Hindi as well as English, so there’s nothing holding you back from learning how to make Bhil art.

Meet The Course Instructor, Bhuri Bai

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The eminent artist Bhuri Bai teaches the Rooftop Maestro Course on Bhil Art. She started painting at age 10. She worked as a daily wage worker at a construction site in Bhopal until modern artist Jagdish Swaminathan discovered her talent. Bhuri became the first Bhil artist to paint on paper and to receive national and global recognition. She became the first woman artist to paint Pithora art. This tribal art form was previously restricted to male artists. She exhibited her autobiographical series ‘Aadi Anaadi’ at Bharat Bhavan.

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She auctioned her painting ‘Story of a Jungle at Sotheby’s as part of a fundraiser for the Kolkata Museum of Modern Art. Many art galleries in India and abroad, such as the Musée du Quai Branly, Maison Guerlain, The Museum of Art & Photography, and the Madhya Pradesh Tribal Museum, exhibit her paintings. She has won prestigious awards like the Shikhar Samman, Devi Ahilya Samman, Rani Durgavati Award, and India’s fourth highest civilian award, the Padma Shri.

The Basic Course And An Introduction To The Artist

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The course begins with the artist Shrimati Bhuri Bai introducing herself. She talks about the paints that were traditionally used in Bhil art. She then discusses the types of paint that are used in contemporary Bhil art. In the next module, she will guide you through the various motifs used in Bhil art.

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You will draw the Galbapsi and Bharadi motifs in the Basic Course. Bhuri Bai will give you a brief introduction to the art form and teach you how to sketch this simple Bhil composition. You will use a pencil to sketch the outlines. She will then teach you how to use a paintbrush to finalise your sketch and how you can use finger imprints and the signature dot design to make Bhil art. Then you will learn how to add patterns and fill in empty spaces using colours. She will then teach you some symbolic motifs that you can include in your compositions.

The Intermediate And Advanced Course To Learn Bhil Art Online

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In the Intermediate section of the maestro course, you will learn to draw directly with a paintbrush instead of using a pencil to create a basic sketch first. You will use colours to create details, characters, and the signature dot patterns of Bhil art.

In the Advance Course section, you will use a pencil to draw the sketch, as the composition is more complex than the ones in the previous sections. Next, you will use a paintbrush to fill in the colours in your sketch. Then you will learn how to add dot patterns to the peacock motif as well as other intricate designs. Bhuri Ji’s insightful instructions will make it easy for you to learn Bhil art online while learning about the authentic methods and traditions associated with it.

The Art Kit, Certification, And More!

The Rooftop Maestro Course on Bhil Art enables you to learn Bhil art online by giving you access to in-depth knowledge and instructions through over 7 hours of course content. This course is suitable for artists of all skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced artist, you’ll improve leaps and bounds by taking our courses. At the end of this course, you’ll receive a certificate that you can proudly display as proof of your dedication and commitment to learning Indian art.

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The certificate isn’t the only memento you’ll have. Rooftop includes a curated Art Kit with each Maestro Course. The Bhil Art Kit contains a tote bag, stickers, postcards, bookmarks, and an art activity book specially designed to help you learn Bhil art. The activity book is full of fun-filled art activities, information, and trivia. It contains exercises for drawing traditional motifs and compositions ranging from simple to complex.

Enrol Now To Learn Bhil Art Online

You can learn Bhil art online and create offline experiences as well by using the activity book to help with your daily art practise. You will learn about many traditional motifs in detail, be able to practise them, and get more comfortable drawing intricate Bhil art patterns. Bhil art celebrities tribal communities, their culture, and also echoes man’s relationship with nature. Learning this beautiful art form is a magical and spiritual experience. Got any unanswered questions? Give us a ring at +919820560980 or email us at

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By Melissa D’Mello

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