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Lambani Embroidery Sling Bag Workshop With Shahin Karwani

Lambani Embroidery Sling Bag workshop with Shahin Karwani

Lambanis, also known as “Banjaras”, who originally came from Marwar are semi-nomadic people who reside mostly in Southern and Middle India. The Lambani women practice a unique mirror and embroidery craft, which they mostly use for making their own traditional dresses or for giving to their daughters for their weddings. The Lambani embroidery is a fusion of pattern darning, mirror work, cross-stitch, and overlaid and quilting stitches with borders of “Kangura” patchwork appliqué, done on loosely woven dark blue or red handloom base fabric. Rooftop brings you a Lambani Embroidery Workshop with Shahin Karwani to help you explore this unique art form!

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About The Artist

Shahin is a folk artist by profession and has conducted more than 60 art workshops.

The Lambani Embroidery Workshop Began

Shahin greeted all the participants and thanked the host for the introduction. She first talked about Lambani Embroidery and started making different patterns in a pink and black color cloth. The patterns were of different shapes and sizes as they gave the cloth a  traditional and ethnic look. She made Lambani embroidery interactive and fun as she also answered all the queries of the participants.

Towards the End of the Workshop

Shahin made Lambani Embroidery on different colors of cloth which were pink and black. She made different colorful designs and patterns as they looked attractive and had various designs and patterns. All the participants appreciated Shahin‘s embroidery designs and showed their co-created Lambani embroidery to her. The host thanked Shahin for teaching this art.

The attendees were from different age groups who belonged from various parts of the country, as they all were enthusiastic during the workshop and reconnected with their love for art. All the participants showcased their artwork as Rooftop brought them together on a single platform.

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