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Indian art forms are an essential part of our diversified culture and heritage. Dazzling colour bursts, vibrant patterns, and symbolic imagery beautifully depict our culture. The various styles of art forms in India, as well as the unique history behind them, render them truly unique and interesting.

Art is an interpretive subject that can evoke contentious emotions. While some people love simplistic art forms like Warli painting, others swoon over art forms with intricate detailing like Miniature paintings. 

Have you ever wondered if the type of Indian art form you like can reveal a lot of things about your personality? The art styles we feel drawn to can be linked with our personality and reflect certain character traits. We’ll look at some of the various Indian art forms and see what kinds of personality traits they correspond to.

Discover Your Personality Traits With Indian Art Forms You Love

Here are some of the Indian art forms that show your personality:

1. Madhubani Paintings

Among the various types of Indian paintings, Madhubani is one of the most celebrated styles of the Indian art form. This art began as a form of wall art in the Mithila region of Bihar. 

Madhubani art has proven to be ahead of its time with its message of women empowerment since its inception. In early history, women curated Madhubani art to depict their thoughts and empower other women.

So if you are someone who feels drawn to Madhubani paintings, you have a very dignified persona, and nothing shatters you easily. You are a strong person who is known for your ability to lead and stand for what’s morally right in life.

Madhubani paintings
Artwork credit: Baua Devi,

2. Tanjore Art

Tanjore or Thanjavur paintings first appeared around 1600 AD and were widely praised by the Nayakas of Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu. This art is mainly distinguished by its strong structure, royal appearance, and rich colour scheme.

If you love Tanjore art, then you’re a person who’s the life of a party. Similar to the Tanjore paintings, which are full of bright colours, you are full of energy and charm and can make a person feel happy easily.

Tanjore painting - Indian art
Image Source: Flickr

3. Warli Painting

Warli Art is a 2500-year-old art form that was started by the Warli tribes of India’s Western Ghats. It is one of the oldest Indian art forms. These paintings are strongly intertwined with the Warli tribes’ natural and social rituals.

Warli art represents their lifestyle. It portrays the day-to-day activities of the Warli tribe, like hunting, harvest, festivals, fertility, dance, and other things they do. The art depicts ‘Mankind’s harmony with one another and with nature,’ So you’re the person who’s in love with nature and fascinated by every little thing about it, Nature brings you back to your senses, Nature Helps Us Feel Wild Again.

4. Phad Painting

Phad is a religious form of scroll painting depicting folktales around the deities Pabuji or Devnarayan. This art form originated 700 years ago. 

In a Phad painting, the artists use a lot of red, orange and yellow colours. Phad paintings illustrate adventures, and battlefields. So if you like the style and characters used in Phad painting, your personality says that you are full of passion, energy and happiness and into a lot of adventurous and fearless things.

Phad painting
Image Source:

5. Mughal Painting

As the name implies, Mughal Paintings evolved during the Mughal Era. This painting style is a hybrid of Indian, Persian, and Islamic art. This Indian art form says a lot about battles, hunting and wildlife.

If you can relate yourself to the Mughal art form, you’re a person who’s into wildness and has a fierce personality.

Mughal Painting
Artwork credit: Jacapo Bassano, Sotheby’

6. Rajput Paintings

Rajput art forms flourished in the 18th century in Rajputana’s royal courts, capturing scenes from the Ramayana and Mahabharata. The colours for these paintings were derived from gold, silver, precious stones, and plants. The prepping for ideal colours was a time-consuming process that might take as long as two weeks. All the colours were handcrafted and had an authentic touch to them.

This Indian art form represents royal life. If you are fond of Rajputana art, then you are the kind of person who loves royalty, loves to live his life king-size, and also down to earth.

7. Kerala Mural Painting

Kerala mural paintings are one of the world’s most famous frescos, with deep spiritual roots depicting themes of Hindu mythology epics, Krishna’s classic frolics, and the mystic forms of Shiva and Shakti.

If you are connected with this art form, then you are into religious things, a devotee full of faith, and one who follows the tradition of their culture and who keeps God before anything else.

Indian art form - Kerala mural painting
Artwork credit: Manikandan Punnakkal,

8. Gond Painting

Gond paintings are an Indian art form from Madhya Pradesh that is characterised primarily by animals and birds. The Gondi tribe of central India created these vibrant paintings with a series of intricately arranged dots and dashes.

Gond paintings represent our tradition, where we come from and our roots. If you like Gond painting, your personality states that you’re genuine and down to earth, you crave the little things, and you love nature and its beauty, the culture, mud, plants, flowers and a lot more.

Gond painting
Artwork credit: Jangarh singh shyam,

Learn Indian Art Forms that Match your Personality

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. Who knew a picture could reveal so much about who you are?

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