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Knife Painting Workshop With Tithi Jay Chordiya

Knife Painting Workshop

If you’ve ever spread frosting on a cake, you have an idea of the textural possibilities when using a painting knife to create an oil painting, different from painting with a brush. The terms painting knife and palette knife are often used interchanged when describing the technique of applying paint to a surface with the blade of an artist’s knife. Rooftop curated a Knife Painting Workshop with Tithi Jay.

 The tools are made of either plastic or of wood and metal and are available in a variety of blade shapes and sizes. A palette knife handle is straight, having a slight bend. The purpose of the palette knife is to mix colours or clean the surface of the palette.

About The Artist

Tithi is from Pune and showcases her artwork on Instagram by the username colourful palette. She takes customized art orders in PAN India.

The Knife Painting Workshop Began

Tithi greeted all the participants and thanked the host for the lovely introduction. She started colouring the canvas with a blue and a light shade of blue for the blue sky, as she continued colouring the canvas with a dark green colour for the grass and did knife painting in order to draw the clouds colouring it with blue and white. She concluded the painting using a yellow colour in order to paint the flowers using knife painting and advised to use a little white colour in order to create lemon yellow colour in light shade.

Towards The End Of The Knife Painting Workshop

Tithi created a knife painting of the beautiful blue sky, white clouds, green grass and yellow flowers. All the participants appreciated her beautiful knife painting. All the attendees showed their co-created colourful knife paintings and had all smiles. The host thanked Tithi for teaching this unique yet colourful Knife painting. The participants were from different parts of the country. They also belonged to different age groups but their love for art brought them together on a single platform. Rooftop, as always, was successful in connecting artists and curating a magical and positive vibe together. 

On this note, here’s us signing off until next time!

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