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Khartal Experience With Gazi Khan Barna

Khartal Mangiyaar Folk Music

Khartal is a popular instrument played by the Manganiyar  Community in Rajasthan, and Gazi Khan is a repute proponent who does full justice to the organ. The instrument may look simple at first glance, but don’t be fooled, as it takes a great amount of dexterity and practice to strum even to play a simple song on Khartal, which Gazi Khan Barna, undoubtedly has.

The slightest hand gestures and arm movements can produce an array of tones when clapped together. One wrong note and the tension can easily break. Conducted as the Circle’s first session into the folk music space, Gazi Khan Barna as the folk maestro par excellence belted out some beautiful folk songs in his baritone, full-throat voice. Later, he encouraged his audience as well, to play the instrument with him.

Attendees Present at the Session

Ms. Vijaya Sinha and Mr. Gazi Khan Barna (Standing Left to Right) Ms. Nimisha Sinha (Rooftop Team), Mr Shivaa Naresh, Mr. Aviral Paliwal, Mr. Ilyaas Khan, Mr. Kartik Gaggar (Rooftop Team ), Mr. Sandeep Charan, Mr. Mr. Rajveer Panwar, Mr. Nirmal Chiraniyan, Mr. Shrey Sharma, Ms. Priyanka Godara, Ms. Divya Soni and Ms. Arpita Karwa

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