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Kawa Nama with Hameed Khan Kawa

Kawa Band

Hameed Khan Kawa’s family has been performers for generations. Khan who is a tabla player has been following the strides of his dad and granddad. He used to play in capacities, both in India and abroad. At the point when he played abroad in nations like France and England and saw musicians from the world, displaying their ability. He understood that Indians had that as well. Hameed Khan Kawa said that the capacities were very similar to the customary Rajasthani Jalsa where distinctive conventional specialists would meet up to perform. 

He decided to begin the Kawa Brass Band, an activity that was to unite old-style music, yet other customary roadworks of art. At first, when he proposed that the band would play in India as well as abroad, the primary response was a distrustful diversion. 

Hameed Khan Kawa told that it is their music that addresses the outside crowd. “Many band individuals don’t communicate in English however individuals relate to them through the music. They blend songs utilizing Indian tunes and outside impacts. They need their audiences to realize that, while they are conventional and love the Indian foundations, they are available to other artistic expressions; outside or Indian.” 

Kawa Brass Band established by Hameed Khan Kawa plays Rajasthani society music, implanted with strokes of jazz, and in some cases even The Beatles. People normally think that they are a metal band from Jaipur, playing their music wearing safas and dhotis!” 

Maybe the most significant objective, one that drives Khan and his band, is the craving to protect customary Indian fine arts. This longing fueled the Kawa Circus, the gathering of stunt devils and road entertainers that works with the band. “The effort is to unite artists and different craftsmen, artists, gymnastic performers, and grandstand their ability to performances of the band. They proceed as the band members who play the music and enact to enhance the mood that rises multiple times to bring in the creativity into them.” All the craftsmen, 2500 of them, have been trained by Hameed Khan Kawa. 

Attendees Present at the Session

Mr Hameed Khan Kawa, Mr Kartik Gaggar (Rooftop Team), Mr Yash Panwar, Ms Priyanka Godara, Mr Kaushal Soni, Mr Gaurav Khatri, Mr Ish Madhur Talwar, Mr Lokesh Sharma, Mr Sandeep Charan, Mr Gopal Ratnoo, Mr Nitin Yadav, Ms Divya Soni and Dapinder Singh Virk (Rooftop Team)

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