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Journaling Art Workshop with Brevish Dixit

Journaling art workshop

Art journaling is a combination of drawing, mark-making, writing, painting, calligraphy, and collage. Journaling is a practice that we can do consistently. A motivational journal or art or event planner or bullet journal (BuJo) are popular types of journals. The art looks vintage and aesthetic. If you are someone who loves art and writing, Rooftop’s Journaling Workshop with Brevish Dixit is all you need. The session is purely crafted for creative minds to get an idea of the art form and be able to present them responsibly.

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About the Artist:

Brevish has been practicing journaling and calligraphy for a while. She maintains a daily journal keeping a track of everyday activities. 

The Art Journaling Workshop Began

The workshop began with the artist introducing what journaling entails and the different types of journaling. She showed her art and quote journal to the attendees. She then spoke about different stickers, prints, and pressed flowers pasted in the journal. Brevish also pasted some pieces of old book pages, brown pieces of cardboard, and self-created stickers. She beautified it further with paper doilies. 

Towards the End of the Workshop

Towards the end of the workshop, Brevish also showed her bullet journal or BuJo which she uses to monitor her daily activities. She further demonstrated the steps to create another quote journal with a watercolor background and floral print. The workshop ended with the attendees delightfully sharing their co-created work with the artist and each other.

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