Rooftop is on the hunt for a talented PHP Developer! We are seeking fresh minds to contribute to our innovative app platform, aimed at creating unforgettable virtual art experiences.

What the Role Involves

Our hunt is focused on Yii2 programmers. Key traits we’re looking for include superb problem-solving skills and a knack for critical thinking. In the role of a Back End Developer, you’ll create vital connections between our customers and our business logic. You’ll also be optimizing applications for maximum efficiency. You will be responsible for building informative dashboards for our internal teams. Plus, you’ll help maintain our brand’s consistent presence across the app.

You’ll be knee-deep in server-side logic and managing our central database. This role requires their development and maintenance. Ensuring high performance and responsiveness to requests from the front-end is another important aspect. Therefore, having a basic understanding of front-end technologies is absolutely essential.

Responsibilities as a PHP Developer

Your role will involve a variety of tasks. Firstly, creating RESTful API/GraphQL to be consumed by our Flutter developers. Secondly, you’ll be writing reusable code and libraries for future use. Then, you’ll move onto optimizing the application for speed and scalability. Also, an important part of your role will be implementing security and data protection measures.

You will be in charge of designing and implementing data storage solutions. Also, your focus will be on coding and debugging throughout the application lifecycle. One crucial part of your role will be writing clean code to develop functional web applications. In addition, troubleshooting and debugging applications will be necessary. Lastly, you’ll be providing training and support to our internal teams.

Skills & Qualifications for PHP Developer

Certain skills are essential for this role. A basic understanding of JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3 is required. You should have a strong grip on the Yii2 framework (version 2 preferred, minimum 1-year experience). Familiarity with MVC design patterns is crucial.

Knowledge of Amazon Web Services will give you an edge, especially if you know your way around AWS API Tools. You should understand accessibility, security compliances, and user authentication and authorization between multiple systems, servers, and environments. Moreover, you should be comfortable with integrating multiple data sources and databases into one system.

You’ll be handling hosting environments, including database administration. Knowledge about data migration, transformation, and scripting is important. You’ll also set up and administer backups, along with outputting data in different formats. A deep understanding of the differences between mobile and desktop platforms, and how to optimize output for each, is critical.

You’ll be tasked with creating database schemas that represent and support business processes. Additionally, implementing automated testing platforms and unit tests will be part of your responsibilities. Proficiency in a back-end programming language, specifically PHP and/or Python, is required. Finally, you need to be proficient with code versioning tools such as Git, understand OWASP security principles, and have a handle on “session management” in a distributed server environment.

About Rooftop

Rooftop stands as a leading online learning platform in India. We offer live art workshops and professionally curated art courses. Through our app, we’ve created a vibrant virtual world. Here, people can co-create, learn, and truly experience the power of art. We’ve developed a unique ecosystem for artists to share and explore different dimensions of both traditional and contemporary art. Therefore, Rooftop is your go-to destination for live art experiences, master courses, and recorded art experiences. To learn more, click here

Work Culture at Rooftop

At Rooftop, we see ourselves as more than a team – we’re a family. Our work environment fosters critical thinking and encourages the flow of creative ideas. We strongly believe in the mantra: “When we work together, we succeed together!” For a glimpse into life at Rooftop, click here or here.

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