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“Jaipur ke Sutradhaar” with Ms. Anshu Harsh

Jaipur Artists Rajasthan Studio

एक प्रयास है राजस्थान स्टूडियो

From the vestiges of the ramparts, it appears that in the bygone days, life in the Pink city must have been full of Rajasthani pomp and pageantry. While barely enough of that flamboyance now remains in the 21st century, the state still retains some of the old-world regal charms that great legends are made of. Jaipur ke Sutradhaar Ms. Anshu Harsh revived some of these memories in her talk Badalte Jaipur ki Kahaniyan, wherein she spoke about some of the sweeping changes that Jaipur’s cultural and art scenes have witnessed over the past two decades.

However, instead of ruling over what is lost, she dwelled on what is gained and mentioned how some of these thoughtful changes have added to the aesthetics, town planning and civil development of the city. The session was well-attended by some eminent artists and social activists of the city, who graced the invite-only, specially-curated Rooftop series Jaipur ke Sutradhaar.

Attendees Present at the Session

(Standing Left to Right) Mr  Kartik  Gaggar  (Rajasthan Studio Team),  Mr  Amit  Kalla,  Mr  Dilip  Bhatt,  Mr  Sudhir  Mathur,  Prof  Bhawani Shankar Sharma, Mr Shivaa Naresh, Dr Durga Prasad Agarwal, Ms Nutan Gupta, Mr Sundip Sumahendra, Ms Anshu Harsh, Padam Shree Tilak Gitai Ji, Ms Nimisha Sinha (Rajasthan Studio Team), Mr Jaswant Kumar Meenakar, Prof. C S Mehta, Mr Aviral Paliwal, Ms Priyanka Godara, Ms Divya Soni and Ms Aditi Parwal

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