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Is Art A Mode Of Self-Expression? Answers Devika Sisodia- A Jodhpur Circle Experience

Self-expressions through art

Did you know there are meanings hidden in your doodles? And in the way, your handwriting forms shape? We decipher these hidden meanings with Devika Sisodia through self-expression from our Jodhpur Experience of Rooftop.

Art is a way of life. Life minus art is simply meaningless. Devika Sisodia, our star guest for the evening, joined us with several art expressions and the unapparent meanings behind them. By stirring a discussion on an artistic stereotype, fundamentals of writer’s block and diving into the past experiences of the attendees to evoke self-expression, we pushed forward the session. 

Devika’s workshop had the most number of participants up till now and that led to a discourse on a plethora of past experiences. Self-expression is manifold- it reflects in your body language, the way you speak, the way you think and the way it manifests in your art. 

We all have an art palpating inside us and quarantine has been successful in pushing it out of ourselves. Anything and anyone is an art and an artist respectively. You cannot eliminate the fact that you are an artist. The mode of expressing oneself can be through their art form: dancing, singing, painting, sketching, lettering, etc.

One such quality that regulates our expressions is our emotions. This has a term attached to it which we call the Emotional Quotient. Where IQ is assigned a greater qualitative value, studies show that the ones with a greater EQ are considered more successful and satisfied with their lives. One such challenge that supports the argument is a Marshmallow Challenge. Tap 11:40 to know about it.

Expressions and expressing emotions are considered imperative. If you have a fair understanding of what you feel, you will have major control over the functions of your life. At 16:29, Devika points out the aspect of self-awareness or eliminating the scope of any distraction. One such example of distraction or the state of utmost saturation was mentioned at 18:15, called Writer’s Block. If you are at the receiving end of the art, then it hits differently. You don’t have to put any effort into the receiving process. But when you are the creator, you take into consideration the various possibilities of what your audience may want to see. In short, you have a huge responsibility to your watchers. Watch 20:35 onwards to know more.

Taking into account the Bollywood stereotype of toote dil ki shayari or poetry from a broken heart at 37:40, Devika asked the attendees about its legitimacy. Many felt that it is too filmy to be real. The participants shared their enlightened views on the subject by mentioning that the more they were happy and unbothered, the better their art formed. A corresponding theory that Devika talked of was Colour Therapy at 47:25. The therapy talks about the effect of colours on your mood. The merrier you are, the brighter your artwork will appear. The melancholic you are, you would apply darker tints to your artwork. 

Now was the time for all the participants to present their art forms in a few sentences or practically, if possible.

  • Sourabh Jain’s video call shoots in a WFH setting at 24:10
  • Apeksha Khare’s artwork at 25:58.
  • Lokit Kavdia’s poem at 41:10.
  • Koushal Menaria’s artwork at 49:52.
  • Chandni Raat was sung by Shailesh at 51:13.
  • Piyush Gurunani’s poem entitled ‘Marzi Aapki Hain’ at 53:04.
  • Navnidhi Sharma’s poetry recitation starts at 54:37.
  • Mohit Choubisa’s mandala work was showcased at 55:37.
  • Mohammed Tapiya’s work was seen at 56:40.
  • Tanisha Chhabra’s work can be seen at 58:30.
  • Dakshita Sharma’s artwork at 1:00:15.

With a session that was stirred with emotions and achieving a balance between them, an embodiment of a free judgment zone and the subsequent self-expression of oneself, we ended it on a note of positivity. We thank Devika for her time and a valuable session and we hope to find her in all our coming Jodhpur Circle Experiences. 

This is us at Rajasthan Studio signing off. Stay creative.

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