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Inverted Mandala Workshop with Mamta Mittal

In Buddhism and Sanskrit language, ‘Mandala’ means a circle. A mandala is a geometric design and pattern that represents the cosmos and deities in the divine world. People in different parts of the world create the art of mandala, believing that this art form speaks deeply with every human being. In Hinduism, mandalas are also called Yantras. Mayans, Aztecs, Australian aborigines and European Catholics too created mandalas in some form or the other. Rooftop conducted an Inverted Mandala Workshop with expert artist Mamta Mittal.

About the artist

Mamta Mittal is a mandala artist from Mumbai. She runs her business and shares creative artwork on Instagram by the username @nov.iceartist. She came across a mandala during the Covid-19 pandemic and has been in love with the art form since then.

And the Inverted Mandala workshop began

The Inverted mandala workshop started with an introduction of Mamta and her journey as an artist. Mamta thanked the hosts of the session and warmly welcomed all the attendees. She gave an insight into the background and history of mandala and began curating the art from scratch.

Mamta first drew two lines intersecting each other, followed by a circle and arcs. She drew round patterns from the lower part of the circle and created a unique design. She drew designs in the centre of the circle and recreated one of her previous designs.

Towards the end of the workshop

All the attendees enjoyed recreating their mandala designs and learned about this culturally rich art form. They also showcased their artwork at the end of the session and got an appreciation for their effort.

The attendees were from different parts of India and belonged to various age groups, but their love for art brought them together on one platform. TCC, as always, was able to bring artists together and celebrate their passion for art. 

On that note, here’s us signing off until next time.

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