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Introduction To Tanjore Painting With Vibha Raj

Introduction to Tanjore Painting and Skills Workshop

Tanjore painting is a South Indian art, developed in the late 16th century. The art came into existence in Thanjavur, also known as Tanjore in the state of Tamil Nadu. The subjects for Tanjore paintings are mostly Hindu gods and goddesses. It also has religious texts. A typical Tanjore painting includes a deity; the artist makes it with a well-rounded face and oval-shaped eyes. The main figure is surrounded by arches and curtains.

To educate the Rooftop family about this ancient art form, Rooftop conducted a workshop with Vibha Raj.

About The Artist

Vibha learned Tanjore painting from her mother. She has been doing this art form with her mother for 35 years. She showcased her artworks of Lord Balaji and Satyanarayana and expressed how passionate she is about this art form and how she witnessed this beautiful art form since her childhood.

And The Workshop Began

Vibha taught how in Tanjore painting the structure should be symmetrical. She shared her experiences and knowledge about Tanjore painting. Vibha showed a painting which was done by her mother 20 years ago. She shared a lot of tips on the kinds of paintbrushes; they should be hard so that they do not break easily. When one of the participants named Kouwshigan Ramiah from Sri Lanka had queries regarding the painting materials, Vibha gave him an ear and answered his query. She also taught the decoration of the colourful stones for creative purposes.

Towards The End Of The Workshop

As the workshop progressed to its end, the attendants learned a lot about Tanjore painting and showed their artwork with a gleam of happiness on their faces, all belonging to various age groups. Rooftop, as always, introduced a new art form and created a platform that connected artists and people together who admire ancient art forms.

On that note, here’s us signing off until next time!

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