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Are your employees worn out? Or the work doesn’t seem to hold their attention? This may be your sign to turn things around! The Internet is going crazy on employee engagement, and you probably know why. The people working in your office are your assets. The most valued resource is human resources. To keep them spirited it is your duty to carry out certain paintings or activities that will bring the best out of your employees. But you are wondering what possibly can be conducted to keep your employees alive.

Rooftop is here to rescue you from the laborious task of finding what activities can be good enough to engage your employees.

Employees who are engaged tend to be more productive and motivated towards the work. Absenteeism tends to decrease and employee turnover is also less. Improving employee engagement is not simply about improving productivity — although organizations with a high level of engagement do report 22% higher productivity, according to a new meta-analysis of 1.4 million employees conducted by the Gallup Organization.

Tie And Die Activities

Image credits: Legit (l); Kustom Imprints (M), Lakehead University (R)

A rather fun activity that will make the staff go witty. Simple and amusing; this activity is a must to incorporate into the employee engagement program. The workforce can bring some t-shirts they find boring and start dripping paint natural or organic. Leave the painted t-shirt aside for a while and voila you have a self-made T-shirt. You can also ask the employees to wear that T-shirt once a month. With Rooftop, you get a handmade art kit that provides you with all the materials necessary.

Pull The Strings Activities

Image credits: Bowers Museum(L); GoMIX (R)

Are you looking for something more relaxing? Something that is more hassle-free? We got that covered as well. Try ‘pull the strings’. Dip some strings in lustrous hues of pain, and place these dripping strings on the canvas in any shape that you desire. After a minute or two pull those strings gently and see the mesmerising patterns created by your employees. As a sign of reward, you can hang these beautiful pieces at your workplace this will radiate affinity. 

Hand Painting

Image credits: Manoj Bathula Art (L); Best Wallpapers (R)

The next option resembles the first two but hand paintings are much more personal and touching. Dipping entire palms in their favourite shade and stamping them creates a memorable anecdote to share around the office cafeteria. To give a slight twist you can take any single wall of your office and ask them to hand paint it completely. A splendid activity to spend the summers!

Earbud Painting

Image credits: Creative Forever (L); Alforja (R)

Children enjoy art classes because they can experiment with things and get to see that a thing that was meant to be used a certain way also has an alternate use. Just like earbuds, an essential tool for cleanliness but are also used as a master tool in art. Painting with earbuds can be fun and also quite different. We insist you give it a try.

Toothbrush Painting

Image credits: Jay Lee Painting (L); First Palette (R)

Down the lines of earbud painting is toothbrush painting. Sprinkling colours across the canvas relaxes individuals. Without thinking and getting into the nitty-gritty a beautiful portrayal is before their eyes. An abstract activity that is loved by all.

Marbling Art

Image credits: Instructables (L); The Reader View of Wikipedia (R)

One of the most favourite and enjoyed activities is marbling. It offers varied options for art. Marbled paper with water, shaving cream, liquid starch, rainbow milk, or nail polish. Heedlessly creating patterns results in alluring patterns. Rooftop offers a full-blown program that caters to the employee’s well-being. We also let you curate souvenirs that you can gift to your loved ones.


Image credits: The University of Alabama (L); Future In Sight (R)

No paint but a great gain is origami! Folding papers in funny patterns is a great way of learning. The Japanese form of folding paper is much appreciated by everyone, be it youngsters, adults, or old-schoolers. Basic origami folded pattern combined with each other to make a huge pattern makes this form rather interesting and intricate. 

Group Paintings

Image credits: Ashley Hackshaw (L); Pikwizard (R)

Another fun and interactive activity can be group painting and crafts. It is a huge concept and has numerous ways to execute the painting. One such activity is painting ice cream sticks with different patterns according to your choice. In the end, stick all the sticks together on cardboard. This activity will be a significant way to express that all the employees are different from each other yet when they come together they form a breathtaking art, just like they make a firm run efficiently.

Art Journaling

Image credits: Pinterest

Your employees have emotions bottled up inside and you want them to let go of those feelings and enjoy? Art offers that too! Try art journaling, in this, the employees will be provided with cups, bangles, glasses basically any circular object then they have to dip the object in paint and stamp it on the canvas. Employees can form a team and create canvases. This will help in interaction as well as curating an abstract art form. 

Photo Collages

Image credits: Mass Live (L); Heritage Wood Senior Living (R)

To end the whole program you can include the photo collage activities. This will bring the program to an end with a feeling of affinity. Sticking photos that are being clicked during the function on a big canvas and reminiscing the moments will boost the motivation of employees and your aim to engage your employees is accomplished.

Employee engagement is an important part of work culture. Every firm should incorporate activities that will uplift the motivation of employees and encourage them to give their best to the firm that is looking out for their employees’ welfare. In this initiative Rooftop is with you, we will cater to your needs and arrange everything. You are just one call away from the well-being of your employees. 

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