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Illustrating Kabir Das Ke Dohe with Phad Painting

Presented by Spring Days Model School, Delhi as a part of Phad Se Padh initiative

Teacher’s Experience

I have always felt that art is a reflection of society and culture. It helps us understand what we are as human beings and influences how we relate to each other. It helps us to understand various ontological, ethical and philosophical issues. The event ‘Phad se Padh’ came like a ray of hope that gave me an opportunity to work in that direction. It started with a brainstorming session where my students and I worked as a team to explore different ideas that may go into making Phad. It allowed me to introduce my students to the rich cultural diversity of Indian forms of painting. We depicted 18 ‘Kabir ke Neeti Parakh Dohe’ on 20 blocks of 16×6 feet canvas. I appreciate the efforts of the Centre of Cultural resources and training for making us learn in unconventional ways and removing the arbitrary boundaries as made in different art forms.

Teacher Name: Mrs Ketki Ghelani

Student’s Experience

I was part of the event Phad se path. At first, it sounded strange how a form of painting can teach you something. However, when I learned about its theme, ‘Kabir ke Neeti Parakh Dohe,’ I was sure of learning some interesting insights. I was amused at how a person can weave so much wisdom of life in just a few couplets. It felt as if man had answers for all the problems of life which were relevant even today. The best part was yet to come when we had to portray this wisdom through the medium of art combined with the musical presentation. Definitely, it was a surreal experience.

Student Name: Chehak Mishra, IX

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