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How To Make Gond Art With Rooftop’s Gond Maestro Course

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How do you learn the authentic techniques of an ancient art form that dates back to the 6th century CE? Obviously, you download the Rooftop app, join a workshop, or better yet, enrol in the Maestro course to learn how to make Gond art.

Did you know that the neolithic cave paintings of Bhimbetka are ancient predecessors of Gond art? This tribal art form has evolved from cave paintings to paper and cloth, and from symbolic depictions of nature to the discussion of contemporary themes. Let’s look at how Rooftop is paving the way for its revival in the Indian art industry.

Venkat Raman Singh Shyam: A Maestro Of Gond Art

“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for one day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Lao Tzu

Do you think someone who has picked up a fishing rod for the first time is qualified to teach someone else to fish? Of course not. Art, just like any other skill, requires a capable instructor. The more intricate the art form, the harder it is to find a mentor. Luckily for you, your search for a Gond art instructor ends today with the Rooftop app’s Maestro course instructor, Venkat Raman Singh Shyam.

Shri Venkat Raman Singh Shyam has been practising Gond art for over 35 years. He developed a distinct style of painting by blending Gond art and tradition with commentary on contemporary and social issues. Venkat Ji paints about the changing relationship between human beings and the environment, and through art, he strives to create a difference by making us aware of the damage we’ve caused. He has collaborated with Tara Douglas on an animated film based on a Gond folktale, which won the Tallest Story Competition in 2007. 

Venkat Ji is dedicated to safeguarding the traditions of Gond art, not by guarding them from the public eye but rather by teaching them to others in the hopes of keeping them alive. He has several valuable insights into the motifs and symbols of the art form and is the perfect instructor to teach you how to make Gond art. He has collaborated with Rooftop to create 5.5 hours of exclusive course content, packed to the brim with information, instructions, and invaluable advice.

How To Make Gond Art Through Rooftop’s Maestro Course

Before you learn how to make a Gond painting, it is important to know about the patterns, themes, motifs, history, and traditions of the art form. Now it’s easier then ever to learn about all these things with Rooftop app. You can access all the information you need to learn and make Gond art in one course.

We know how challenging it is to connect with master artists, learn the authentic techniques of Gond art, and actually see the artists making it, so you can watch, learn, and follow. That’s why we created a 3 level maestro course, covering all the basic to advanced level motifs of Gond art.

Our Gond Maestro course provides an exclusive view into authentic Indian art cultures and traditional practices. The course is completely online and self-paced, so you don’t have to make time from your busy schedule, or drive for an hour in heavy traffic. Instead, relax, unwind, and learn ancient traditional art techniques from the comfort of your home.

How To Learn Art Through The Rooftop App

A testimonial from Rooftop learner Sandhya Ravi

Rooftop collaborates with master artists to create beginner-friendly courses that are filled with valuable information and insightful instruction. Along with regularly conducting live workshops, we also curate in-depth courses on traditional and tribal Indian art forms. Our courses and workshops are suitable for everyone, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced artist.

You can also use the Rooftop app to learn about the history and motifs of traditional art techniques by reading our blogs and browsing through the ArtWiki section. Take the daily quiz to test your knowledge and share your artwork on the community tab. Rooftop app is home to an exclusive network of over 2100 artists. Our app is free and has a bunch of fun features, so make sure to download it from Google Play or the App Store and give it a try!

What Will You Learn In The Gond Art Maestro Course?

The Maestro course begins with a brief introduction of the artist, Shri Venkat Raman Singh Shyam. Venkat Ji then talks about the history of Gond art, similarities between Gond and Aboriginal art, and personal memories associated with patterns and motifs. He also delves into the origins of Gond painting and the extent of its current practice. 

Venkat Shyam ji will then introduce the signature patterns used in Gond painting as well as the traditional brushes used to paint them. He’ll explain the detailed process of creating natural paints using traditional methods. After you’ve acquired all this information, Venkat Ji moves on to outline his creative process. He talks about the importance of dots and lines in creating intricate details. After this in-depth foundation, you should have a rough understanding of Gond painting techniques.

How To Make Gond Art Through The Basics Course

For your practical introduction to Gond art, you’ll learn how to draw a bird. Venkat Ji will guide you through the sketching process. He’ll also teach you how to apply the first and second coats of colour. The base layers are important, as they affect the appearance of the patterns you’ll paint on top. After the base colours, it’s time to decorate your bird with detailed patterns! You’ll learn how you can add a personal touch to your paintings and what the finishing touches should be.

How To Make Gond Art Through The Intermediate Course

In the intermediate section of Rooftop’s Gond Maestro course, you’ll learn how to draw the elephant and tree motifs. Doesn’t that sound exciting? Instructor Venkat Raman Singh Shyam will start off by teaching you how to sketch the motifs. Then he will mix colours together to create specific shades and begin to demonstrate the painting process. Don’t worry if you don’t get it immediately; just rewind and take it slow. You’ve got this!

Details, details, it’s all in the details! Venkat Ji will then teach you how to create more elaborate motifs and patterns than the ones you learned previously. While you lose yourself in the rhythm of creating Gond art patterns, Venkat Ji will briefly talk about the history and beliefs of the Gond community. You’ll also learn how to make various nature-inspired patterns that you can use to adorn your tree motifs. The Intermediate course ends with you learning all about dots, one of the most versatile and important motifs in Gond art.

How To Make Gond Art Through The Advanced Course

The advanced course begins with Venkat Ji elucidating the story of creation in Gond art and tradition. You’ll embark on a journey to paint this complex composition through simple, easy-to-follow steps. Venkat Ji will guide you through the sketching process and application of base colours. After that, you’re on your own. No more tutorials.

Just kidding! The maestro artist will guide you through every step of the way. Venkat Ji will give detailed instructions on how to add line patterns to your artwork. He’ll also elaborate on how to make Gond art by choosing the right patterns and colour choices. Add in the cherry on top, the finishing detail: dots, dots, and more dots, aaaand you’re done! You’ve successfully finished the Maestro course and now you know how to make a full composition independently. Check out the complete structure of the maestro course and everything that it covers on the Rooftop app.

Learn How To Make Gond Art And Have Fun With The Art Kit

The art kit you’ll receive as a part of the Gond Maestro course

Along with three course levels, you also get an art kit delivered to your doorstep. This bundle of fun is filled with goodies for art lovers. You’ll get an activity book filled with exercises and information on how to make Gond art. This activity book will help you practise art daily and follow along with the course content. It also includes games and trivia- this isn’t your boring workbook from high school! A canvas is also included in the art kit, along with postcards and bookmarks that you can colour yourself!

Decorating these goodies sure is an art exercise in its own right. We also give you a tote bag that you can paint on or use as is. You get a bunch of colourful art stickers as well, so proudly flaunt your love for Gond art on your bag, laptop, or art supplies. The art kit compliments what you’re learning in the Maestro course and ensures that you’re learning how to make Gond art through videos as well as fun activities and daily practise.

Learn Art And Get Certified Through Maestro Courses!

With Rooftop’s Maestro courses, you can learn India’s traditional art forms anytime, anywhere. You can submit your artwork evaluation and get personalised feedback from artists of national and international renown. You don’t need much to get started on your journey to learning Gond art- just enrol in the Maestro course and leave the rest to us! This course is available in Hindi as well as English, so don’t let language barriers hold you back on your art journey.

You’ll also get a certificate upon course completion. You also have the opportunity to select personalised sessions with Maestro artists to solve your doubts and get exclusive insights and feedback. What more can you ask for? 

Today, the world is moving towards sustainability and environmental consciousness. It’s the perfect time to learn Gond art and express your love for nature, culture, and Indian traditions. Download the Rooftop App from Google Play or the App Store and enrol in the Gond Art Maestro course today!

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