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How Effective Is Art In Changing Lives?

what does art do?

During the difficult times of the global pandemic, the whole world came to a standstill. What kept the world afloat? When reanalyzing the things which kept the world going, the first thing that pops up is art. There were other things like Dalgona coffee, banana bread and of course reels but swirling back and forth people found their overlooked vigour of art. This got Rooftop wondering, is art effective in changing lives? To comprehend further we are plunging into this correlation!

Art Instils Hope

Image credit: fineartamerica

Art has a transformative impact on your perspective and it brings happiness and hopes to your lives. When thinking deeper as to why people resorted to art during their times of distress? The answer arises to this is people were striving to grab even the slightest ray of hope on the other end and art successfully gave them. People were idle and rigorous negative flashes of news made the heart sink. During these times art was victorious to help people look at the positive side. 

Art Is A Public Tool

public tool
Image credits: Gulf News (l); Indian Express (r)

Whenever there is a significant event or crisis, Sudarshan Patnaik never misses an opportunity to display his gratitude, condolences or wishes through his incredible sand sculptures. Patnaik is a world-renowned sand artist. He has weaponised his art as a tool to reach the masses. Not just him people around the Globe express their expression publicly in the form of art. 

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Art Fosters Passion

Image credits: Deposit Photos

Now and then people run out of motivation to focus. They feel burned out due to extensive pressure and succumb to procrastination. Idly meandering and delaying menial tasks become a natural tendency. To overcome this attitude art is an effective mechanism. You can start with basic doodling that brings out the turmoil in your head. Consistently create a piece and you are free from the shackles of procrastination. You find your passion and gain a brand new zeal toward life

Art Rekindles Direction

Image credit: Arch Daily

Are you finding yourself in a challenging situation and unable to do anything? Don’t feel alone as this is quite a common issue faced in today’s time. A bitter feeling where you feel directionless is easily escaped through art. You can start by dedicating your art piece to your loved ones. This will give a sense of guide. Directing your work towards someone, a cause, or an event gradually develops a sense of movement.

Art Complements Leisure

Image credit: Onmanorama

It is a lazy Sunday, you are tired of scrolling through your cellphone and switching between social media platforms and you wonder what products can you do? That should not be tiring and won’t take a lot of your time? You might be out options but we aren’t. As we have had the master tool to escape boredom and that is art. Try drawing something maybe a soothing mandala or a wild abstract art or full of focus sketching or mild musings in form of doodling. Art offers so many ranges to kill your boredom and yet here you are thinking! It seems we might help.

Art Influences Growth

Image credit: Mixkit

Remember those times when the world was dancing to the tunes of trendy reels and posting Mandalas on Instagram? Exactly, The Global Pandemic! An artist who drew during those times consistently is now running a small-scale business. Isn’t this proof that art signifies growth? Lack of achievement makes one laid back in his approach and they stop trying. Art helps to discover growth with its obvious result. You feel the evolution of your art piece with each passing day and this serves a sense of purpose and achievement.

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