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How Do Art And Fashion Intertwine In India?

art and fashion

Fashion is a popular aesthetic expression. On a very basic level, anything that becomes a rage among the masses is fashion and that applies to any way of dressing, behaving, or performing. One of the interesting features of the fashion industry is that there is no shortage of room to be creative. Creativity is the soul of what you are doing. Trends are constantly created and re-created and the industry is completely fueled by creativity. If your eyes constantly search for creativity everywhere, the fashion industry may be a great fit for you.

Art And Creativity

Art teaches us how to live life with the ability to see the beauty of everything in the natural world. Creativity is self-expression. It can teach us how to express ourselves in ways that can’t be expressed with words. There can be so many different perspectives on a piece of art. 

Art and Fashion In India Relation

Image credits: Fibre2Fashion

Over the past few decades, art and fashion have a alluring relation that has become channels for expression. Fashion has played a major role in not only bringing Indian art to the limelight but also has ultimately made the art live. Most Indian folk art traditions are on the verge of extinction. But still, some art forms survived the wheel of time effortlessly. You can check 5 Indian art forms that survived the tolls of time to find out about 5 such art forms. Fashion is a major platform that has given folk art its due recognition through its creativity while retaining its originality.  

The following examples would speak about a few of the many traditional folk art forms of India, their growth, development, and contemporary life and how are they being manipulated by the fashion industry, without losing their original essence.

When these unique art forms meet the sophistication of the fashion industry, the results are astonishing and unique. Rooftop brings you 5 Indian art forms that are used in fashion and changing the flow of the fashion industry!


Image credits: Azafashions (

This classy art of shadow embroidery originated in Lucknow. Chikankari embroidery gives an elegant and contemporary look. Also, the fabric is so light and comfortable for everyday use. Fashion designers use Lucknowi Chikankari embroidery to design ethnic dresses.

Mughal Art And Fashion In India

Image credits: Exotic India Art (l); Werindia (m); Tumblr (r)

Mughal painting, despite being a fresh form of art in India, has a relation in the fashion industry and that too, the trendy one. Outfits and accessories are adorning Mughal paintings that are in trend. The Mughal painting look makes for a bold statement. The sight of original Mughal paintings can be found in museums as only some artists in Lahore have kept the art alive. However, in cities like Mumbai and Delhi, one may find a modernized version of the art.

Gond Art And Fashion In India

Gond art
Image credits: Pinterest (1,2); Femina (3); Shoes and accessories (4)

Gond art is a perfect balance of flora and fauna with clam earthy tones as its primary elements. The Gond tribe of Madhya Pradesh developed this art form. In essence, the beauty of the art lies in the unique use of fine dots and lines. 

Madhubani Art And Fashion In India

madhubani art
Image credits: Lassya Art (1); Indulge Express (2); Pinterest (3)

The art form depicts scenes from Indian mythology. It is formed with eye-catching geometrical patterns and vibrant colours. Madhubani paintings involve different elements from nature. Generally, these paintings have intricate details. Madhubani paintings on outfits give a very soothing and defined look to any apparel. 

Pattachitra Art And Fashion In India

Image credits: Shopping kart (1); Bhubaneshwar Buzz (2); Sambad English (3)

It is one of the oldest Indian art forms. In essence, Pattachitra is popular for its use of vibrant colours, gorgeous depiction of mythological characters and intricate detailing. Today, this artwork is making its way into the Indian fashion industry to create a difference. Designers are exploring the versatility of this art form from traditional outfits such as sarees and ghagra-cholis to modern tops and dresses.

India is home to numberless unique art forms, which are bold and simply compelling. These traditional art forms are now relation with the fashion world. Furthermore, they are aiding the fashion revolution. These art forms give traditional outfits a modern turn and charm. Consequently, with designs adopted from these traditional art forms, Indian fashion looks skilful, astonishing and exceptional. Art and fashion in India are booming

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