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Handmade Jewellery Workshop With Parul Pandey

Handmade Jewellery Workshop With Parul Pandey

Handmade Jewellery Workshop: Any piece of jewellery is a girl’s best friend! These days, men adorn jewellery too and make it look all the more elegant. We at Rooftop curated a one of a kind, handmade jewellery workshop, with Parul Pandey. Here, people learnt how to make jewellery at home, at their own convenience.

Parul Pandey, an army wife and entrepreneur by choice has an undying love for necklaces that she wears lovingly with her cotton sarees. She makes art jewellery with Felt, Fabric and Brass Dhokra and also supports local art and artisans. 

The Handmade Jewellery Workshop Began

We had around sixty registrations for this particular workshop. With Navratri coming up, all the participants were very excited and enthusiastic to make their own unique piece of jewellery.  

Parul Pandey started by briefing them about the step by step process of making a choker – including measurements and other materials that would be required. All our lovely participants were ready with all the materials and immediately started working with full dedication. Elders as well as kids participated in the workshop and were very enthusiastic. In very less time, all the participants were able to learn the method of making the choker. Parul Pandey explained very slowly and taught each step very carefully so that participants can learn well. Parul taught how to make chinese roses or as she calls them “kaariart roses”. She showed an easy trick to stitch the roses on the choker.

Towards The End of The Workshop

Our participants were fast learners and by the end of the workshop, they had successfully made a choker for themselves. At the end of the workshop, Parul displayed a few of her other handmade jewellery collections which also included a multipurpose accessory which could be used as a headband as well as a neck piece. Parul mesmerized everyone with her gorgeous handmade jewellery collection. They felt motivated to try making more such accessories at home. She also complemented everyone’s work. All the participants had made beautiful neckpieces which looked almost similar to what Parul had made. This was quite commendable!

We at Rooftop aim for creating such innovative and creative workshops for the artist community on a regular basis to keep everyone productive and creative in these uncertain times.

Stay safe, creative and keep learning new artforms with us everyday. Here’s us signing off, until we see you again!

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