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Gouache/Poster Colour Workshop with Disha Kumawat

Gouche Painting

Learning a new artform always adds undeniable value to your creativity. It allows you to explore, adapt to new means and channelise your best work with confidence and vision. Thus, as an artist, one should consistently keep learning and exploring in order to be able to serve his/her best piece. Gouache/Poster making is one interesting form of art that deserves your touch. It is finely jotted with vibrant colours, texture and a unique story. Rooftop through its Gouache/Poster Colour Workshop with Disha Kumawat has now enabled creative minds to explore in-depth details of the art form. So if you are a creative mindset out on a journey to serve uniqueness, scrolling down can surely add to your motive.

About the Artist:-

Disha Kumawat is an art enthusiast from Udaipur. Art has been her major driving source towards productivity and growth for a very long period of time. Her dedication and inquisitive space on art and art forms allows her to hold commendable expertise on the same.

The workshop began:-

The workshop began with the host introducing Disha Kumawat and her expertise acquired over the years. Disha then took over the session and began with a briefing about the materials required to initiate the art piece that decided to be created. She introduced attendees to the major colours needed to portray the scene and also made sure to serve them some colour blending tips and tricks to acquire the best shade possible. Stepwise guidance was provided to the attendees to help them understand the steps involved in creating the final piece. Disha also took some time out to assist with questions coming from attendees. She was trying her best to make the session as fruitful as possible.

Towards the end of the Gouache/Poster Colour Workshop:-

A strikingly beautiful art piece was created at the end of the workshop. Disha Kumawat, after careful and precise steps, succeeded in creating an appealing piece of sunset. Her wise and constructive guidance throughout the workshop allowed attendees to co-create an appealing piece of Gouache art too. In the end, they received an opportunity to showcase their pieces and gain constructive feedback on the same. The Rooftop session truly evolved to be colourfully fruitful. It compelled the attendees to visualise and try the art form in a more efficient manner. On this note, here’s us signing off until next time!

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