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Gouache Art Workshop By Kanupriya Chandak

Gouache painting

Gouache paint is a type of water media, a pigment that has to be mixed with water in order to be spread across a surface. It is a type of paint that is opaque in nature. Gouache art has a rich and vibrant quality. To give our Circle Members the experience to learn and enlighten themselves about this ancient art form, Rajasthan Studio curated a special Gouache Art Workshop and invited Kanupriya Chandak. 

Kanupriya Chandak is an artist by passion. She loved painting since she was a kid but lockdown helped her to explore more about art. Nature has always fascinated and inspired her to paint more. She predominantly works with gouache and acrylics and her favourite subject to paint is skies and clouds.

Gouache Art Workshop Began

The workshop began with a brief introduction of Kanupriya Chandak. After the introduction Kanupriya started with the Gouache artwork. She explained every step of the process in an elaborate and clear manner. 

She gave a lot of insights on Gouache paint and how it is different from other paints. She showed how to paint different layers with Gouache paints. She also shared some tips and hacks in between.

Towards The End Of The Workshop

The Gouache art form was quite intricate but Kanupriya described every step of the process in a very simple manner. Towards the end of the workshop she gave a lot of tips on the blending process. The workshop ended with everyone showcasing their beautiful artworks and Kanupriya giving her feedback. 

The attendees were from different parts of the country. Also, they belonged to different age groups but their love for art brought them together on a single platform. Rajasthan studio as always was successful in connecting artists and curating a magical and positive vibe together. 

On this note, here’s us signing off until next time!

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