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Gond Art Workshop with Yamuna

Gond Art Workshop

Gond comes from the word Kond, which means green mountains. Gond tribe lives in the hilly and forest areas of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, and Orissa. Gond art represents the love for nature and daily activities of Gond. The use of dots and patterns is popular for detailing in Gond artwork. Modern and contemporary Gond art also includes depicting modern inventions like airplanes. The Gond tribe considers the Mahua tree as a life-giving tree so it is an important motif in the Gond Art.

The Circle Community brings a curated Gond Art Workshop with the Yamuna.

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About the Artist:- 

Yamuna has completed her MBA. Due to her inclination towards art, she has earned a certification in Gond, Madhubani, Pattachitra, and Pichwai art. She teaches and takes workshops on Indian folk art.

The workshop began:- 

The workshop began with artists giving information about the history of Gond Art and the materials required. She started drawing the deer and fawn. She also drew branches of a tree. She started painting the berries on the trees red. Secondly, she used green and yellow while painting the deer brown. She completed the detailing with dots and patterns. 

Towards the end of the workshop:- 

Towards the end of the workshop, she showed her other works to the attendees. The attendees enjoyed it.

The Circle Community, as always, was successful in connecting artists and curating a magical and positive vibe together. 

On this note, here’s us signing off until next time!

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