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Gond Art Workshop With Krishna Yogesh Kulkarni

Gond Art Painting

India is a huge country composed of different tribes. The cultural and civilizational heritage of India lies in its tribal roots. One of the largest tribes in India is the Gond tribe, which originated in Madhya Pradesh and now belongs to more than 8 neighboring states in India. The people belonging to this tribe are highly creative in nature, which gave birth to Gond art.

Since tribal arts hold such a firm position in our history and influence our present, TCC considered it its responsibility to make the Circle family aware of this art form and organized an informative session with expert artist Krishna Yogesh Kulkarni.

About the Artist

Krishna Kulkarni is a professional artist from Pune. She has been conducting art workshops for 3-4 years and has gained a lot of experience in the process. She loves teaching but equally loves learning from her workshops. The number of workshops she’s facilitated created in her a perception about the world and life, keeping art in the focus. In short, she finds happiness and liveliness in everything and loves to seek art in every sight she captures. Her attitude makes her a vibrant and true artist.

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And the Workshop Began

The workshop began with a brief introduction of Krishna’s life and experiences, which helped the attendees learn more about her. Krishna, too, expressed her heartfelt gratitude towards the attendees and greeted them. Further, she explained the history and origins of the Gond art form. She explained each and every step involved in the process in a very detailed manner and pointed out some do’s and don’ts when making the art. 

The attendees were completely engrossed in the process and were enjoying their time.

Towards the End Of the Workshop

As the session progressed towards its completion, each of the attendees were able to create their own artwork and displayed them to Krishna. She found all the works to be amazing and full of effort. The workshop then ended on an appreciative note by the attendees for both Krishna and TCC.

The attendees were from different parts of the country and belonged to various age groups, but their love for art united them and brought on a single platform. TCC, as always, was successful in bringing like-minded artists together and in celebrating their passion for art. Not to mention, they also created memories that can be cherished for a lifetime.

On that note, here’s us signing off until next time!

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