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From Studio to Skyline: The Exciting Journey of Rajasthan Studio to Rooftop

Rajasthan Studio to Rooftop

Background of Rajasthan Studio

What began as a humble initiative in the heart of Jaipur has now transformed into a bustling global community, reaching heights that were previously unimaginable. This is the incredible journey of Rajasthan Studio and its evolution into Rooftop, a platform for art lovers from all over the world.

Born out of a vision to enhance travel experiences through personalised, offbeat workshops, Rajasthan Studio was created to immerse travellers with experiences from the rich culture of Rajasthan. Such was the popularity that what began in Jaipur was soon extended to Jodhpur and Udaipur to meet the growing demand for experiences from travellers of all walks of life.

The pivot that conceived Rooftop

But it all changed. When the infamous COVID-19 pandemic swept across the globe, businesses were forced to pivot and Rajasthan Studio was no exception. Where most entrepreneurs saw challenges, Rajasthan Studio Founder and CEO Kartik Gaggar saw unprecedented opportunities. The studio took its workshop online, leading to the emergence of a newfound demand for experiential art. Thus, Rooftop was born.

Initially known as ‘The Circle Community’, Rooftop was an ‘invite only’ exclusive space for art lovers and comprised just 50 artists from Jaipur. However, through detailed market research, right recruitment and a comprehensive business strategy, Rooftop quickly grew to a team of over 2100 artists from across the country, featuring several Padma Shri winners and national awardees amongst its ranks.

Rajasthan Studio to Rooftop
A workshop conducted by Rajasthan Studio (Image source: Rajasthan Studio)

Impact of Rooftop on traditional Indian art

The evolution of Rajasthan Studio to Rooftop not only changed the way art had been traditionally perceived but also the way it is consumed. From personalised workshops in Jaipur, Jodhpur and Udaipur to a dynamic global platform, Rooftop has virtually erased geographical boundaries and has given global audiences the opportunity to participate, learn and appreciate the diversity of Indian art and artists. 

Furthermore, Rooftop has hosted over 700 art experiences, attended by over 25,000 art enthusiasts from as many as 20 different countries. The platform has been a testament to the unifying power of art and the resilience of creativity in the face of adversity.

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Turning challenges into opportunities

Through Rooftop, Rajasthan Studio continues to achieve its initial vision on a much larger scale. At a time when human connection was limited, art managed to find its way by transcending barriers and weaving people together. Rooftop has created a thriving community of artists and art lovers, allowing them to connect, inspire and be inspired. 

Rajasthan Studio’s evolution to Rooftop exemplifies how challenges can be turned into opportunities. The story is far from over as Rooftop continues to grow and reach new heights (no pun intended). This tale of transformation is a reminder to us all that sometimes, to see the bigger picture, we just need a change in perspective. Or perhaps, a Rooftop view.

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