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Food Illustration Workshop with Gayatri Patkar

Food Illustration Workshop with Gayatri Patkar

Aren’t we all delighted at the glance of our favourite food? Come on, let’s agree we all are. Food is one happy place that serves you joy like no other. But have you ever thought of innovating your eating habits or creating something unique around your favourite food item? Well, if not, today is the time. 

We’re head over heels with new advancements and creativity made at every minute seconds. One such creativity that’s fun, exciting and a source of monetization is practising Food Illustrations. Making food illustrations is a great way to nurture your creative elements and experiment with your understanding of food. 

But one needs to know where to begin from. Wondering? Well, you don’t really have to anymore. Rooftop has got you covered with its incredible Food Illustration Workshop with the master Gayatri Patkar herself. So, keep scrolling till you tap on the best. 

About the Artist:- 

Gayatri Patkar is an art enthusiast who loves to explore different aspects of art and achieve decent mastery on the same. She’s a marketer by profession and an explorer at heart. 

The Food Illustration Workshop began:- 

The workshop began with introducing the expert Gayatri Patkar. It further progressed with her brief share of knowledge on food illustrations and the essential elements associated with them. She then allowed the audience to make a pick of the food item they would want to explore the illustration of. 

Pizza was decided and Gayatri Patkar without wasting any time began with introducing details of the artwork. Her brief consisted of how’s and what’s related to drawing, colours, texture and more. She also shared some tips and tricks that could help participants enhance their art pieces for the better. The overall session perfectly blended with fun & and engaging elements that resulted in appreciable outcomes. 

Towards the end of the Food Illustration Workshop:- 

Towards the end of the workshop, the co-creators were requested to showcase their piece of artwork to the mentor, Gayatri Patkar herself. She reviewed each of the pieces and guided the participants with constructive feedback that motivated them to contribute even more & in an effective manner. 

The participants for the workshop walked in from different aspects of life, leading to an exciting blend of different ages roped with one motive i.e. ART. It was a great joy to watch such creative artists evolve their best in their own unique spaces. Rooftop truly is a noteworthy platform that well nurtures and homes excellent creative minds. 

On this note, here’s us signing off until next time!

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