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Food Bloggers Experience Ice Cream Parlor Walk

Jaipur Food Bloggers Rajasthan Studio

Imagine taking Jaipur’s food bloggers on a morning walk to the two most famous ice cream parlors of the city to mark the 292nd Jaipur Foundation Day celebrations! Isn’t that plenty of food for the thought with a tinge of sweet flavour added to boot.

The walk down the sweet lane covered two prominent stores – Naturals and Molly Moo in the C Scheme Area. Untried ever before, besides a guided tour to the ice cream parlors, the curation included a Quiz, Tasting and Photography Competition to tickle not just the taste buds but also the grey cells of the food bloggers. All in all, it was a fun-filled event conducted with a lot of sweet bonhomie.

Attendees Present at the Session

(Standing Left to Right) Ms Priyanka Godara, Mr Akash Chauhan, Mr Daksh Sharma, Mr Divya Bhatia, Mr Akshat Joshi, Mr Satyam Bhargava, Mr Kartik  Gaggar (Rooftop Team), Ms Radhika Agarwal, Mr Vipran Jeet Singh, Ms Karishma, Mr Labh Singh, Mr Rahul Bhatt and Mr Sharanpal Singh

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