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Floral Watercolour Painting Workshop With Aakriti Saraswat

Floral Watercolour Painting Workshop With Aakriti Saraswat

Floral Watercolour Painting Workshop: Flowers have the magic vibes that spread positivity around. Watercolour Painting has the power to calm the mind. Rajasthan Studios decided to combine both of these in the form of a workshop! They curated a floral watercolour painting workshop for a dose of positivity and tranquillity.

We organized a workshop with Aakriti Anuapurv Saraswat who is a teacher by profession. Initially, she used to make pen illustrations earlier but took a keen interest in exploring watercolour paintings just during the lockdown.

The Floral Watercolour Painting Workshop Began

The workshop gave all 40 participants the opportunity to immerse themselves in the colourful land of floral watercolour painting. Beautifully painted blue hydrangeas and crimson red roses drawn on everyone’s canvas did create a magical vibe altogether.

Aakriti Saraswat started by teaching a simple way of painting a rose which is considered to be very difficult otherwise. Surprisingly, all the participants picked up the trick very quickly, and soon our zoom screens were filled with beautiful roses drawn by all the participants – from age eight to sixty years old! The way Aakriti was teaching how to draw the proper strokes of the leaves was really soothing to the eye. Later, on public demand, she showed some of her other floral artwork too. And that mesmerized all of us!

During the interactive session, everyone showed their interest to try painting one of the works that Aakriti had shown prior and to keep everyone s request, Aakriti was kind enough to teach them another of her artwork which was of blue hydrangeas. She taught the participants very slowly and steadily and also advised them the following,

Don’t rush while doing watercolour painting, try to relax and paint slowly and steadily so that all the flowers come out prominently and beautifully.

Towards The End Of The Workshop

After everyone finished painting their flowers, they proudly bombarded the Zoom screen with their work. Everyone was in admiration of everyone’s painting. Floral watercolour painting, or in general, every watercolour painting is difficult and requires practice and patience. Despite that, all the participants attentively listened to Aakriti, followed the tricks she taught, and drew almost exactly like Aakriti. It was commendable.

Rooftop as always was successful in connecting artists and curating a magical and positive vibe together. We hope to keep organizing such workshops every day. This keeps everyone productive and creative even in these times of crisis.

With this, we sign off on a good note. Stay safe, stay happy, and stay creative. Until next time!

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