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Feather Painting Session with Aditi Agarwal

Feather Painting Rajasthan Studio

Anyone who has ever worked with a bird’s discarded feather for an art material to paint upon knows how difficult the medium can be. Feather painting is not a child’s play. You need to know the feather type, what colours it would absorb, how it can be preserved, and in what season you can expect to find what feather etc. Being light-weight, it’s challenging to hold it down, but with patience and practice, you can get the results, you are after. At Aditi Agarwal’s rooftop session participants got to get their hands dirty with feather painting and in the end, we’re happy to carry those home as cherished mementoes.

Attendees Present at the Session

Mr. Sarfaraz Khan, Ms. Priyadarsini G P, Ms. Aditi Agarwal, Ms. Suhani Ray, Ms Nidhi Verma, Ms. Advika Parwal and Mr. Hemant Kumar

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