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Faux Calligraphy Workshop With Namrata Baheti

Faux Calligraphy Workshop

Faux Calligraphy Workshop: Traditional calligraphy plays with the contrast between thin and thick strokes within letters. The faux Calligraphy technique uses simple fine liners to imitate the effect of calligraphy. Rooftop curated a Faux Calligraphy Workshop with Namrata Baheti. She is a self-taught calligraphy and lettering artist and Designer currently based out of Jaipur.

The Faux Calligraphy Workshop Began

The workshop gave all seventy participants an opportunity to learn the beautiful art of Calligraphy. Namrata began the workshop by teaching the basics of Calligraphy. Namrata explained the two kinds of strokes used in this art form at the beginning of the workshop. She showed the technique of drawing and shading the alphabet slowly. All the participants were observed attentively. The participants were actively listening and working along with Namrata.

Towards The End Of The Workshop

At the end of the workshop, all the participants proudly flashed their beautiful calligraphy work on the camera screens. Everyone worked together and actively participated. The enthusiasm amongst the participants overwhelmed Namrata. As a whole, it was a very creative and productive session. All our participants learnt a new art form from the convenience of their homes.

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