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Exploring the Panchayati Raj System with Phad Painting

Presented by Bal Bharti Public School, Rohini, Delhi as a part of Phad Se Padh initiative

Teacher’s Experience

Phad painting is a folk-style religious scroll painting, practised in Rajasthan, India. The narratives of the folk deities of Rajasthan, mostly of Pabuji and Devnarayan are depicted in the Phads, long pieces of cloth or canvas. We, as a part of Bal Bharati Public School Rohini, got the opportunity to be a part of this amazing journey of creating Phads. Our topic was Panchayati Raj-Gram Swaraj for nation-building.

Students portrayed the various aspects of Panchayati Raj on the canvas; they sang a beautiful song using words from the local language. This is a great way of teaching concepts in the classroom. In this way, children can have a fun learning experience. Overall, it was great to be a part of this program. Learning and sharing happened together.

Teacher Name: Nirmalya Banerjee

Student’s Experience

Phad is such a unique form of folk art. It has its own glory which is very rare. Our respective theme was Panchayati Raj. We displayed elements such as female workers, gram sabha, zila parishad, gram panchayat, the government set-up, British rule, and Mahatma Gandhi for the relevance of the theme.

We observed various things, how certain vibrant colours were used, the unique face shaping and the detailed elements of certain things. Our learning is, art is always a great medium to recount history. Now we are aware of the history of phad, this entirely changed my perspective towards handmade items.It takes lots of working your finger to the bone. Overall, it was such a considerably vast experience.

Student Name: Gurpreet Kaur, VIII

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