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Embroidery Workshop With Aparna Agarwal

Embroidery Workshop With Aparna Agarwal

Embroidery Workshop: Embroidery is the world of threads! In collaboration with Ms. Aparna Agarwal, we learned about the diverse and appealing types of embroideries! Are you ready to create your embroidery masterpiece?

Unraveling the Art of Embroidery

What’s better than learning embroidery from someone who is surrounded by them all the time? Yes! We had a fashion designer hosting this wonderful workshop! Aparna graduated as a Fashion designer and has been embroidering since the past five years! She had always worked on motifs inspired by nature which were abstract and minimalist. Aparna had a lot to offer in the workshop, right from- creating and transferring your pattern on a fabric, diverse kinds of embroidery stitches and finishing techniques.

The workshop began with all of us drawing a pattern of our choice which we would then embroider. In order to transfer your drawing from paper to fabric, use a carbon paper between the fabric and the paper, and re-draw over your artwork! There you go! Your fabric is now ready to get embroidered!

Here’s a tip! If you are planning to embroider on a dark coloured fabric, Draw on water soluble facing and set it on your embroidery hoop along with the fabric. Now start embroidering on the fabric along with the facing. Once you’re done, just dip your fabric in water and the water soluble facing will vanish!

We learnt a number of decorative stitches right from Back Stitch to Chain Stitch, Running Stitch and Double Running Stitch! It was all so intricate yet so simple! We moved on to learn fill stitches like Satin Stitch and Split Stitch. These would help you fill your motifs with beautiful colours! By the end of it, Aparna taught us how to finish a particular stitch. The catch is, don’t leave the thread hanging. As soon as you’re done with a stitch, just knot it at the back of your fabric! This will save all your hard work.

By the end of it!

The workshop was a wonderful experience. By the end of it, we had some great work, appealing colours and new designs! This is just the beginning of more embroidery work coming our way!

Until we meet again, just take that needle and let the magic happen! We will see you real soon with another lively art form! Stay tuned!

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