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Embroidery Encounter with Bela Parakh

Embroidery Encounter with Bela Parakh

Embroidery Encounter: Embroidery is the play with threads done on the cloth to enhance the looks of it. Bela Parakh hosted this embroidery encounter. She has been practicing since the age of 8. She loves embroidery so much that she has done embroidery on masks, gloves, and pockets too! This is not just her hobby, but also her profession. Apart from embroidery, she also loves fabric painting on bedsheets.

The Embroidery Encounter Begins

Bela started her workshop with a cotton handkerchief attached to the 3×4 inches frame. She drew a beautiful, flowery design with a pencil on it. She suggested the attendees do the same. She used three techniques for three subjects. First, she used lazy-daisy embroidery stitch. Then, she used spider stitch. And at last, she used blanket stitch for the small flower. And for the stems of the flowers, she used the stem stitch.

Bela then just began with the complicated yet simple embroidery. With her needle and thread, she began the embroidery. She also suggested tracing the patterns with carbon paper. She used the anchor threads to explain the participants in a better way.

Towards the End of the Workshop

All the participants were very enthusiastic and showed Bela her work. They made sure that they cleared their embroidery woes. This only enabled them to embroidery well.

Rajasthan Studio as always was successful in connecting artists and curating a colorful and positive vibes together.

Here’s us signing off, until next time.

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